Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing – “See your Voice!”

“What you see is what you sing!” You can gauge your own pitch accuracy from singing using this app – Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing! This app is useful for identifying your vocal range, strengthening your vocal control, and training your musical sense in terms of rhythm and pitch. Sing Sharp App Features: Vocal Range […]

Find Your Passion!

As children, do you recall the moment where your primary school teacher asked you that golden question…‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’  Our answers were all different yet passionate and genuine to ourselves. As we started to grow up, routinely taught the harsh reality of money-centered thinking to survive in our society. It […]

K歌达人 – Not just any ordinary Karaoke App!

    Have you always been very shy of joining a karaoke session with your friends? Probably because you are not confident of your own voice? Or afraid that your friends might criticize your singing? Well, here’s an application called ‘K歌达人’ which is really not your average karaoke app! It has a special function that […]

Exclusive! The insider story: 陈泂江 Desmond Tan’s Love song to SG

Every year during August, Singaporeans tend to feel a lot more patriotism for our country! Most often, we feel this connection most, through the songs. If you have been tuning in to Channel 8, Channel U, as well as radio stations, Y.E.S. 93.3FM, LOVE 97.2FM,  you might have chanced upon a new-released song titled ‘将爱延续 […]

SoundHound – Never miss a great tune again!

Heard of a good song but don’t know its title? If  you have ‘SoundHound’ in your smartphone and you will never miss that opportunity every again! This app can ‘listen’ the tune and tell you the song title right away. Whether you are listening to a radio, live performance or even someone humming the melody, […]

Valen Tan 陳霆婷 – Successes in Taiwan!

  Our Vocal Coach, Valen Tan 陳霆婷 has been in Taiwan  developing her singing career for years!    In June 2014, we invited her to do a intimate acoustic showcase at Hark. She did many of her signature songs in her own renditions like: If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys, 也许明天- 张惠妹, 会过去的 – 梁静茹, 飞机场的10:30 – […]

Improve Rhythm through playing a game!

For centuries, video games have always been portrayed as a bad influence. Well, maybe some…But definitely not all!  Now, you must be thinking, what has games got to do with music? Well, we all know that a strong sense of rhythm is required when we are singing or playing a music instrument! Well, here is […]

Interview with Jaspers Lai (JTeam’s artiste)

Jaspers Lai, the multi-talented artiste, artiste from JTeam, cast of “The Lion Men”, “The Lion Men 2” was one of the participant in our signature Guitar ExpressWay™ 2-day boot camp!    This talented individual who is known for his flamboyant and mischievous character in Channel U’s hit show “Smart@Work” is also the composer & producer of two […]

An App that literately adjusts to your learning pace!

  Every musician knows the importance of playing the right chords (guitarists, pianists) and hitting the right notes (vocalists)! But won’t you agree that difficulty is increased exponentially when learning up-beat songs?   We understand your frustrations and thanks to an application called “Anytune” which is completely free on the iOS platform! Through this app, […]

Speed up your learning process!

Everyone knows that rhythm is one of the most important part of music.  It is what drives the music, keeps it going and musicians playing together. It’s very beneficial to heighten our rhythm sense. Why? Because, at a subconsious level, it improves your learning process by leaps and bounds! For the past decade, we have […]