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Sing with Freedom

The difference when you use the proper techniques to sing – you sound like a real singer.

Learn with No-score

Connect to your music senses directly. Take the conceptual approach to pick up essential piano skills.

Play with ease

Structured way to master all the chords & rhythm styles and apply to any songs that you like.

Inspiring and Imparting since 1999

Beyond Classroom Learning

Because learning in the classroom is not enough. Accelerate your rate of improvement when you perform regularly.

Proven track record since 1999


Desmond Tan 陈泂江 on the EXPRESSWAY™

Desmond started his learning journey at Hark Music since 2014.
In just 2 months after he had lessons with us, he said,
“Hark has a concise learning structure that simplified whatever you need to know about music.
I see progress in both my guitar and vocal with just 2 months of trainings.
It’s almost like unlocking levels, one after another on candy crush. Fun and addictive!”
Since then, he started to perform professionally and received numerous music engagements that helped in his career!

People Who Have Experienced EXPRESSWAY™

Experienced music school with qualified teachers.
Enjoyable lessons with my coach Sunny and she is able to help me correct my singing errors and develop a greater appreciation for singing. Great administrative support online as well. (efficient booking /changing of classes, answering of queries etc)
Great teacher that guided me along very well as a beginner and is very helpful
I am glad to take up Voice Confidence course. My instructor Xin Yun was very knowledge and fun. She could help us to discover our unknown sound or unaware speaking issue. It expediated my learning process and help me to apply the course content. The most valuable skills is to have a conscious diaphragmatic breathing. This helps me in singing and to speak more slowly with confidence. This course is highly recommended for anyone who would like to improve speaking or sing voice.
I decided to attend vocal lesson with hark after researching through many different music schools. This is because their lesson schemes for private classes gives the flexibility to book your classes on different days and time based on your own available, it does need to be a fixed day and time every week. This is huge plus point for people who are working, especially those who have shift patterns.

Their lesson syllabus is structured, and acts as a guide for teacher and learning. They also do provide e-learning for students to learn more on the theory aspect. There is no fixed number of lessons to which you need to attend to move from beginner to intermediate and advance, they are purely based on the student’s learning pace teacher’s assessment of the student.

If you are unsure if you’d like the schools’ way of teaching / learning, they do have trial class available and you can also select the coach in which you’d like to attend with. The coaches profile can be found on their website.

Coach Lydia is very patient and encouraging. She is knowledgeable and able to identify your challenges to tweak the exercises in order to customise to your learning ability and pace. Attending her lessons is a very 2-way interaction, such that the more effort you put in to improve yourself, the more she tries to give to help you reach your goals too. Would definitely recommend coach Lydia, especially if you are looking for someone who is able to teach both English and Chinese songs.

Andie Chen


When I took on the the lead role in the musical “December Rains”, I knew I had a lot of improving to do in a very short time. Thankful with the help of Hark, I managed to deliver a convincing performance.

Boon Hui Lu


The masterclass provided me with a deeper understanding of my voice and how they work. I can better target my issues by realising the reasons behind these vocal issues that I face.

James Seah


I was so amazed that in just 2 lessons, not only I’ve improved a great deal on my singing but have also achieved a breakthrough to perform professionally in front of a 1,000 crowd!

Desmond Tan


It’s not easy to find a school with a team who are professional in their craft & passionate in nurturing people. I’ve progressed so much in my musicality since the first day I was here in 2013!

Pei Shi


For a long time I have been dreaming to be able to sing and play the piano on my own. Never thought realising it is so within reach! All thanks to Hark Music’s effective teaching method!

Ya Hui


I have great passion in singing, however, I didn’t know the proper techniques to uncover my full potential until I came to Hark Music. This is my must-go place to boost my vocal skills!

Hark Music School FAQ

When you learn in a music school with a coach, you will save time to self-research, sifting through all the vast information in the internet, reading all the different schools of thoughts. With a school with proper syllabus and certified coach, you can go directly to the proper techniques, and knowledge about the instrument. Time is money therefore, you will save years of making mistakes and get the answers from a real teacher, instead of internet articles.

We believe in setting the system, syllabus and tools to guide students to get to their musical goals in the shortest time possible. Since 1999, we have never stopped improving our syllabus. We never use published books, ‘music boards’ to teach our students. Instead we create our own syllabus, learning materials and proven techniques, all in the principle to simplify the complexities, for people who want to learn for leisure, enjoyment and performances.

Some schools operate like a ‘tuition centre’ where they will hire any teachers and teachers will teach using their own way using song-by-song basis.

However in Hark Music School, we strongly believe in teamwork and alignment where all our coaches will follow the same set of principles and syllabus to facilitate the learning journey of our learners.

We only want to focus on these 3 instruments, because we strongly believe everyone should have a basic level of play-and-sing for personal enjoyment.

Piano and Guitar are the popular instruments that can create multiple notes at one time, creating harmony.Voice instrument is something we use everyday (speech!) therefore we should know the proper techniques to reduce voice fatigue and abuse.

What better way to learn, via singing which is so much more enjoyable than going for speech lessons. 🙂

At the same time, you will learn proper breathing, articulation, voice tone and projection, which are really essential for our wellness.

We teach the mainstream popular songs on charts e.g. English Pop, Mandopop, R&B, Pop Jazz, Broadway songs, etc. In your enrolment form, you can state your preferred genres and we will match coaches accordingly!

We do not conduct formal examinations for our students nor send our students for academic examinations for music boards.

We coach you according to our uniquely-developed syllabus developed & researched for the past decades. It has proved to be highly effective to let you enjoy and experience music in the shortest time possible.

Instead of focusing on academic examinations, we focus on practical performances to ensure you can perform the instruments according to your level. There will be coach evaluations to ensure proper grasp of the concept learnt in each level.

We also organise beyond classroom events such as OpenStage, Voice of Hark, studio experience sessions, etc to spice up your learning journey at Hark.

Majority of our students are teens and adults. Our Small-Group Classes are suited for those aged 18yo to 49 yo. For Juniors and Seniors, we will highly recommend Private Coaching as coaches will be able to cater to their learning dynamics better.

We do not collect any deposit.Fees are paid on a monthly basis therefore there is no commitment period you have to adhere to.You may choose to stop at any point of time and resume when you are ready. 🙂

If you are a leisure learner with no specific learning objectives, joining Small-Group classes is good as peer interaction makes learning fun.

If you have specific learning objectives and wishes to have more flexibility in lesson scheduling (e.g. cancellation, rescheduling), Private Coaching will work great for you!

We always ensure that every student can progress well with the class. If your classmates’ and your learning pace do not match, we will arrange you to join another class of a similar pace or suggest other solutions on a case-by-case basis.

If you have prior learning experience in other music schools or are self-taught, we will assess your level via a trial class to determine the appropriate level to help you advance further in a group class.

The average age group of our current students is mid-20 to 30s (Youngest: 13 yrs; Most Elderly: 55yrs). For the last 20 years, our teaching approach has been proven to be acceptable by both teenagers and adults.

With the Covid Safe-Measures, we encourage you to bring your own *guitar for hygiene. For keyboards, sanitising sprays and wipes are available for you to use before and after use.

* If you don’t have a guitar or it’s in-convenient to bring yours, you can use our studio guitars too. Sanitisers will be available for use.

Students have the freedom to choose any songs they like. However, most of our students prefer songs ranging from English to Mandarin Pop.

Course fee is payable on a monthly basis, for 4 lessons. Lessons that are cancelled due to Public Holidays or other matters will be replaced subsequently.

Payment mode can be Giro, PayNow, Visa, Master, Cheques.

Our music school is open everyday and is only closed on Public Holidays.

For lessons that fall on Public Holidays, we will reschedule them to another day. Don’t worry, if no rescheduled lesson can be arranged, the lesson will not be accounted for.

Yes. You can state your preferred days and timings in your registration form, and we will try to arrange the next upcoming intakes according to your selected timeslots. For Group classes, lessons will be fixed on that particular day of the week subsequently.

If you inform us 1 week in advance, your coach will try to arrange for a short makeup lesson with you. However, this is still subject to the availability of classrooms and coaches’ schedule. Whether there is a presence of makeup session, your coach will ensure that you can progress well with the class.

You may defer your lesson until you are ready to continue with your course. We will arrange you to rejoin the same or another class based on your learning condition when you are back.

Yes. You may opt to join a Private Coaching class which will be more suitable for your timing needs. Subject to availability of the coach, you may choose your days & timings of classes, as long as you complete 4 classes within 6 weeks.

Yes, we do! We actually have quite a record of experiences working with corporate/private groups, conducting music workshops, and music performances. We have worked with various corporations for customised programmes, such as SAFRA, SMRT, Singapore Refinery Company, Wyeth International, HDB Board and many more!

Validated by International Musician, Jeremy Monteiro