An App that literately adjusts to your learning pace!

Every musician knows the importance of playing the right chords (guitarists, pianists) and hitting the right notes (vocalists)! But won’t you agree that difficulty is increased exponentially when learning up-beat songs?
We understand your frustrations and thanks to an application called “Anytune” which is completely free on the iOS platform! Through this app, you can adjust the tempo of your favourite songs to suit a pace where you can practice your techniques in time. 

Don’t worry! You are not cheating! What you are doing in fact, is making your practice sessions more effective.

Practice at your comfortable speed till you condition your muscles, then slowly speed up, till it reaches the required tempo of the original song.

This is a more focused way to practice in order to reach perfection.

What we like about this app?

Easy to Import Songs

Apart from this application being free, we find it very useful for all musicians. Not only that, it is e
asy to import your music from iTunes & also offers free converting of your favourite music into mp3 format from YouTube. 
Allow Key Change

Once you are done getting your list of music, you can then practice at your own pace by adjusting the tempo without affecting pitch or sound quality. If you are a vocalist, you can also change the pitch of the songs to your preferred key which is excellent since you are trying to see which key suits you best!

Loop Sections of Songs
And because we are all busy and may not have a whole lot of time to practice, try the “Mark and loop” app function. “Mark” the problem areas so that you can repeatedly practice till it gets perfect!

What we don’t like about this app?
The downside for this app are the advertisements, that does get a little irritating.
But other than that, this app is a great companion for your music practices!

Have fun with this new app! 🙂

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