Improve Rhythm through playing a game!

For centuries, video games have always been portrayed as a bad influence. Well, maybe some…But definitely not all! 

Now, you must be thinking, what has games got to do with music? Well, we all know that a strong sense of rhythm is required when we are singing or playing a music instrument! Well, here is a fun way to practice your rhythmic sense!

The recent trend of ‘Rhythm’ games being played on our smart phones are not just great way to kill time! Proven to be able to improve rhythm sense and improve hand-eye coordination as well as your psycho-motor skills!

Below is just one of the many rhythm games available on your smart phones and we find this particular app highly addictive!

Rhythm Control 2

(Available only on iOS)

Game Features:

  • Addictive game play designed specifically for touch screens
  • Multiple difficulty levels makes the game enjoyable for rhythm game newcomers and veterans alike!
  • Varied tracklist consisting of songs from both western and Japanese musicians
  • Additional tracks available as in app purchases.
  • Silky-smooth gameplay at 60 FPS

What we like about this app?

It’s FREE!
Who doesn’t like a free game? 😉

This game is very user-friendly and easy to navigate around. It has levels where it brings you through from beginner level to more advanced. Plus, you have a sense of achievement as you get to unlock new songs! 

We introduced this app to our coaches and few of them get really addicted to playing it! You should too!

What we don’t like about this app?
The only shortfall about this game is that it would be more awesome if it has a wider selection of songs.

Have fun playing & your rhythm sense will improve inevitably! 


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