Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing – “See your Voice!”

“What you see is what you sing!”

You can gauge your own pitch accuracy from singing using this app – Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing!

This app is useful for identifying your vocal range, strengthening your vocal control, and training your musical sense in terms of rhythm and pitch.

Sing Sharp App Features:

  1. Vocal Range – check and practice your lowest and highest pitches
  2. Warm Up – basic to advanced levels of vocal exercises
  3. Sing Songs – Practice, Record, Playback, Save, Share and Customize your singing
  4. Training Program – 10 levels, 1000+ ear training and vocal control exercises to help build your musical sense and pitch accuracy

What we like about this app?

  • It’s FREE! You can practice on getting your pitch accurate and sing like in karaoke sessions! Practice this everyday and we believe you’re on your way to hitting the right notes for every song!
  • User-Friendly. This app has a very good user interface and provides clear and easy navigation on how the several features work. It is responsive and intuitive in a way that can be naturally and instinctively understood and comprehended. What’s more, the design of the app is great!
  • Track and Train. Track and keep records of your singing scores (progress)! Not only can you see if you’re improving from every song challenge by looking at the scores, you’re able to save these recordings and constantly seek perfection!
  • Database of Songs! This app has got an available database of songs all ready for you to practice on! To get access to a larger database, all you need is to be a member which cost only $12.98 per year! Well affordable!

What we don’t like about this app? 

Just like every unpaid app, advertisements appear every once in a while. Other than that, we really don’t see why people should not download this app.

So… I would strongly ‘pitch’ to everyone to start pitching now!

To download this app, click here.
Images credited to iTunes. 

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