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Why you should take the EXPRESSWAY™?

I rarely promote any particular music learning approach, until I chanced upon Hark Music ExpressWay Method. It really simplifies and demystifies the complexities of learning music and offers a new way to play music.

Incorporating the S.K.T model with all the modern learning aids, it guarantees that your music learning will be fun, productive, inspiring and most of all, you will achieve your desired results in the shortest time possible.

– Jeremy Monteiro

Simplify the Complexities

The S.K.T. (Sense, Knowledge, Technicality) approach has helped to make things so much easier for many learners of today.

You are able to see the big picture when complex theories are translated into easy-to-understand concepts.
Really, you don’t need to spend time unnecessarily on topics that are not relevant to your current context.

Beyond Classroom Experiences

Because learning in the classroom is not enough. Happening on the 1st Sunday of every month, it’s your chance to consistently improve your craft and build your confidence and experiences as you perform to an audience.

Voice of Hark Singing Contest
It is one of the largest singing contests in SG, yet it is exclusively organised for our very own 500+ students. It is such an encouraging and exciting platform that we have to hold it twice a year!

Coaching with Utmost Dedication

All our coaches went through a demanding audition process before they are signed exclusively as a Hark Music Coach. This is a critical first step to ensure that you receive not only their professional tutelage in music but also their passion and drive to help to maximise your potential.

They are proficient in applying the 4-step IEAM™ approach to increase your learning productivity.

The Approach

We have formulated a Proven Syllabus for teens to adults since ’99. What we believe in.

To acquire complete musicality through our SKT™ model, the integration of Sense, Knowledge and Technicality.
Through streamlined musical theories and concepts made easy-to-understand to let you see the big picture fast.
With this mission in mind – “To teach you to teach yourself”

The SKT™ Model (R) Key Principles in our Coaching System


Build up your music sense such as pitch & rhythm

Make you feel connected to the music you want to express!


Understand concepts and apply so that you can teach yourself eventually!

Know what you are doing, getting the big picture!


Ability to express based on Sense and Knowledge acquired.

Feel significant result in a shorter time with our effective approach.

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