SoundHound – Never miss a great tune again!

Heard of a good song but don’t know its title?
If  you have ‘SoundHound’ in your smartphone and you will never miss that opportunity every again!

This app can ‘listen’ the tune and tell you the song title right away. Whether you are listening to a radio, live performance or even someone humming the melody, it can pick up the tune and tell you the answer.
It’s more intelligent than a human!


(Available on iOS and Android as well as Blackberry)


What we like about this app?

It’s FREE!
With the ability to identify unlimited tunes without needing to pay a cent? Why not!

User-Friendly Interface
Learning curve is very gentle. Friendly interface, nice aesthetic and words size, pleasing to the eyes. 

Integration with other apps – iTunes, Spotify, Rdio
After finding the song title, you can also link straight to the iTunes store to purchase the song, or Spotify/Rdio to listen to the song for free!

Artiste/Song Information & Lyrics
It even supply you with the artiste’s background/biography and the song lyrics is also readily available for you to sing along!

What we don’t like about this app?
Not much! Can’t complain when it bundles in so much convenience for music lovers like us with no price tag! Acknowledge that there’re few advertisements around but it doesn’t quite bothers us. 🙂

Go download it and have fun!


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