Vocal Singing Lessons

Why is our singing lesson the top choice for many since 1999.

More than just techniques.

Other than the technicalities of producing a pleasant & powerful voice, we also teach you the underlying concepts so that you can monitor your own progress in our vocal lessons.

See the Big picture.

Be enlightened on the why, what & how in whatever you are doing. It gives you a strong sense of purpose and fulfilment towards achieving the results.

Kick old habits, learn good habits.

It is not difficult to master a new technique. Many times it is your bad muscular habits that are slowing you down. Let’s cast them out for a smoother ride with Hark Music’s Vocal Classes.

Thousands have improved!

From ‘tone deaf’ to ‘sharp ears’. From a ‘bathroom singer’ to a ‘singer who shines on the stage’. We are always there to support you!

Watch this video to know more on what you will learn in our vocal lessons!

Vocal Lessons Course Structure



The excitement never ends.

It’s time to improvise and explore songs in various music styles

Level 3

Vocal Range

Hit the high notes the right way!

Maximising the capabilites of your Chest-Head-Mixed voices.

Level 2


Touch the listener’s heart

Combine the techniques with how you would express your emotions

Level 1

Voice Dimension

Start with finding your true voice!

Tone stability and overall balance set the first impression that last.

Vocal Lesson Settings

Choose one that suits you!

Small Group

Weekly Vocal Lessons

2 – 3 pax (1 hr)

4 – 5 pax (1.5 hr)

Good Learning Momentum

Expect to have lots of fun & encouragements when you learn with fellow music lovers!

Suited for learners aged between 18 to 49 years old.

Private Coaching

Weekly Vocal Lessons

Individual, Pair Trio

Good Learning Momentum

Customized syllabus/lesson schedule if required

Every 4 lessons can be utilised within 6 weeks

Online Coaching

Available in Individual, Pair, Trio

Take Vocal Lessons in comfort of your home

Lower rates compared to In-studio coaching

Digital Learning Aids for Home Practices

Vocal Lessons FAQ

  • Mental wellness
    Singing releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine – the happy chemicals that boost your mood. This is why people report being on a high during karaoke sessions or singing lessons and feeling uplifted and positive afterwards.
  • An interesting exercise
    Singing is an engaging and enjoyable exercise that will help you build stamina and strengthen your core muscles. Not only does it develop your musical abilities but it also works out your lungs, abs, posture, mental focus, and more! For those who don’t enjoy the monotony of a gym or a jog, this is one of the best ways to exercise!
  • Practise deep breathing – Breath well, live well
    Breathing is a natural part of life. As city dwellers, we always commit shallow breathing, but when we sing, we breathe deeply and use our lungs to their fullest capacity. This helps you develop your lung capacity and engages the muscles around our ribcage.
  • Building social connections
    There are many reasons why singing is a great community activity, but one of the most important is that it brings people together. When you sing with other people, it can help build connections and feelings of togetherness. It also has the power to unite people who are different from one another.
  • More than just singing techniques
    Other than the technicalities of producing a pleasant & powerful voice, we also teach you the underlying concepts so that you can monitor your own progress.
  • See the Big Picture of Singing
    Be enlightened on the why, what & how in whatever you are doing. It gives you a strong sense of purpose and fulfilment towards achieving the results.
  • Structured Learning Materials
    We provide structured learning materials, complemented with multimedia aids and step-by-step exercises to work on targeted areas to improve.
  • Beyond Classroom Activities
    We know learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It has to span beyond! That is why we organise complementary events for Hark Learners, e.g. OpenStage, Voice of Hark, workshops etc to bring the learning experience as far as possible!

You will start with essential warm-ups to activate your music senses and muscles, followed by learning new or recapping various singing concepts and techniques. Your coach will then guide you to apply them to your self-select pop songs.

Come with comfortable clothing that doesn’t inhibit your body movement and avoid having a heavy meal before the lesson. It will be good to bring your along own microphone.

You should experience noticeable improvements at the end of your first singing lesson. By the time you have completed Level 1 of the singing course, you should be ready to wow your friends/family with your newfound true voice.

Of course! You can apply the D.A.R. breath control technique to reduce voice fatigue and use the 5-D Voice model to achieve a pleasant-to-listen-to speaking voice.

We are sure you will find it extremely useful especially if your occupation requires you to use your voice extensively (e.g. presenting or teaching, etc).

Once you have a good grasp of the essential techniques (D.A.R., 5-D Voice, Pitch Placement) after attending some singing lessons, you should find it pretty easy to pick up the key musical traits of various genres/styles.

Each of our Vocal Coaches has their own diverse background and experience. Besides being trained to teach the EXPRESSWAY® techniques, they’re teaching exclusively at Hark Music®. View highlights of their profile here: Hark Vocal Coaches

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a vocal coach. You want someone who is qualified and experienced with teaching singing lessons as well as someone you can trust to be honest with you about your progress. We have written a blog post here to details things to look out for, so that you can prep yourself for the best learning experience.

Take a read at this article!

It is understandable that taking vocal lessons may not be friendly to your wallet. Another option is to self-educate by watching Youtube singing lessons videos.

Taking this route has the downside of exposing you to a variety of schools of thought, which may complicate things. Nevertheless, it is always possible to keep an open-mind and see where it can lead. Just like a coach, you should use a voice recorder to review your singing as you learn to sing.

As soon as your budget and time permit, it is always recommended to have a professional trained vocal coach mentor you along the way, so we can catch and correct any mistakes you’re committing (instead of developing new poor voice habits)!

For Small-Group classes, there are new classes every month. You may check the dates here:


For Private Coaching classes, we will arrange according to your preferred day/time and you can commence as soon as possible.

Lessons are conducted on the same day/time every week to ensure learning momemtum. Private Coaching allows for some lesson flexibility where you can cancel and reschedule lessons according to your schedule via HarkLearners Portal.

Our classes are all conducted on a weekly basis, thus we do not offer Bi-weekly class.

In Private Coaching, you have the flexibility to cancel 2 lessons per month, that means you will complete 4 lessons in 6 weeks time.

Yes, this arrangement is possible too.
We termed it as Ad-hoc class schedule and this is only available in Private Coaching.

This means you will book your following lesson’s date at the end of every lesson. 

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