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Why our guitar course is the top choice for many since 1999.

More than just techniques.

We all know mastering chords changing requires tremendous efforts. The prolonged pain in your fingertips is also hard a beginner to bear.

Therefore, we should always do only the most effective exercises during our limited practice time.

With our Chord-fingering Mastery System (complete with a series of 2-min audio tracks), you will be guaranteed to play your favourite songs in the shortest time possible with our proven guitar lessons in Singapore.

Strum & Pluck made easy yet dynamic.

Not sure of which rhythm patterns you should apply to a song? No worries, we’ve categorised tons of strumming or plucking patterns in a systematic progression for you. Each pattern consists of several variations where you can improvise them dynamically. We’ve also associated them with pop song examples, so that it is more relatable.

Soon, you’ll develop the sense of groove with this system & start playing intuitively and creatively without scores!

Express the Creativity in you.

Don’t get too engrossed in following the exact music instructions. It’s time to have more freedom! We encourage that you exercise more creativity to express your own music style and expressions. Do you know most people prefer to listen to the same song being improvised in a different way? That’s why in YouTube, you can find many cover songs performed in various unique styles. The experience is so much more refreshing and exciting.

Play any songs that you like!

Everyone feel motivated to practise on songs we like, don’t we? We don’t believe you need to start with kiddy songs or traditional folk songs (if you are not into them), just because they are easy for a beginner. At Hark Music’s Guitar lessons, you start to learn how to play the mainstream pop songs or any songs that you like! We know it is important to make the learning process fun & enjoyable so that you are more motivated to spend your time with the guitar.

With our proven system, many have achieved the ability to play a pop song in less than a month. It’s time you do too!

Watch this video!

Course Syllabus

Level 1
Introduction to the “6 Strings” | Music Theory Essentials | Corrective Fingering | Basic Open Chords | Rhythm and Feel Training | Accompaniment Styles Part 1

Level 2
Transposition Concept | Singuitaring | Accompaniment Styles Part 2 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

Level 3
Expressive Playing | Bass-Melody Concept | Articulation Techniques | Accompaniment Styles Part 3

Level 4
Relationship between Scales & Chords | Basic Chord Improvisation | Accompaniment Styles Part 4 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

Level 5
Enhancement and Fill-ins | Syncopated Groove | Chord-Melody Concept | Lead Guitar Playing | Accompaniment Styles Part 5

Level 6
Identifying Chords by Ear | Analysing Current Hits | Advanced Chord Improvisation | Accompaniment Styles Part 6 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

Guitar Lesson Settings

Private Coaching

Weekly Guitar Lessons

Good Learning Momentum

Customized course syllabus is available

Change of lesson timing is allowed
4 lesson to be utilized in 6 weeks

Guitar Lessons FAQ

  • Improved Motor Skills
    Playing guitar is a fingering exercise, just like learning how to use chopsticks. It requires fine motor skills to coordinate with both hands doing different things at the same time.
  • Sense of Achievement
    While learning guitar may be a steep-learning curve in the beginning (like all string instruments), once you are able to ride through the ‘challenging beginning’, you will feel a good rush of pride and accomplishment. Taking guitar lessons and being able to conquer the song you want to play, creates a positivity that energizes you!
  • Good Social Activity
    Guitar is one of the most portable instruments to bring along camps, outdoors, house parties and still able to play multitude expressions in music. Not surprising, one of the common reasons to play guitar is that it is a good skill to have in social settings.
  • Made mastering chord fingerings faster
  • Categorise many plucking and strumming patterns into popular genres
  • Encourage you to express creativity in class
  • Choose to play the songs you like

In our guitar classes, you will be guided to play and sing with coordination.

If you are looking to improve vocal techniques, you can attend our Vocal EXPRESSWAY® course. This course will work on vocal techniques to improve your vocal range and stability.

You do not need to purchase 1 before you commence your guitar lessons. However, eventually you definitely need to have a home guitar for practice between lessons. If you are a total beginner, it is important that you get a guitar you feel right in your hands. There are many varieties of guitar, e.g. steel-stringed, nylon-stringed, jumbo-sized body, dreadnought-sized body, etc.
We know it is intimidating at a start, thus we would highly recommend you to walk into a guitar store to try them out rather than buying from the internet. Getting a guitar which feels right will encourage you in your practice journey!
For female learners, starting with nylon-stringed guitar may be an option as it is less painful on the fingers. Until your finger strengths has increased, you may then slowly change to a steel-stringed guitar for brighter sounds.

As fast as 3 to 4 guitar lessons, you can play a pop song and sing along, from a total beginner! We will pace you up slowly to achieve songs with varying difficulties. Most importantly, we will ensure short-term and long-term goals are set in conjunction with the lesson plan.

You will learn guitar concepts such as chords formation, chords improvisation, plucking and strumming patterns, fill-ins, chords/melody playing etc. It will cover topics suitable for accompaniment playing (play-and-sing) and also instrumental playing styles.

Our Guitar classes are suitable for people who have learned classical guitar before. In fact, it is best suited for them as they have acquired the basic fingering skills. The main difference between classical guitar and pop guitar is that the former plays classical pieces, melody based, relying solely on 5-lines scores, while the latter focuses on conceptual learning, playing pop songs and promoting creativity and sing-along.

We cover pop songs, from mainstream like English Pop, Mandopop. In our syllabus, there is a balance of English and Mandopop for students to choose from. During the piano lessons, you can choose your favourite pop songs or current likes. Your coach will guide you on how to apply the concepts you have learned so far into application. This makes the guitar lessons really fun!

We have developed our proprietary guitar syllabus – Guitar EXPRESSWAY® since 1999. Based on the constant changes to learners’ behaviors, we update our syllabus regularly and create multimedia contents (PlayAlong™ tracks, HarkLearners Portal, Learning Slides, etc) to enhance learning experience. Unlike most freelancer guitar teachers, we do not just go through song-by-song. We provide a holistic learning path, create a community of like-minded students and events to let you achieve your best.

Yes, we can customise if you share your music background and learning objectives. In a Small-Group class, your coach will also cater the class pace according to class dynamics.

In the Private Coaching setting – your coach will customise the syllabus according to your learning objectives and background. E.g preparing for a performance, learning for a song, etc.

Each of our Guitar Coaches has their own diverse background and experience. Besides being trained to teach the EXPRESSWAY® techniques, they’re teaching exclusively at Hark Music®.View highlights of their profile here: Hark Guitar Coaches

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