Speed up your learning process!

Everyone knows that rhythm is one of the most important part of music. 
It is what drives the music, keeps it going and musicians playing together.

It’s very beneficial to heighten our rhythm sense. Why?
Because, at a subconsious level, it improves your learning process by leaps and bounds!

For the past decade, we have met many learners who are slower in their learning, all of them come to a common denominator….. Rhythm! This is the area that is slowing them down.

An example….
They couldn’t catch up because they don’t know they are off-track.
They don’t know they are off-track, therefore they are not having quality and effective home practice.

Here’s a simple tip. Just be aware of the rhythms that exists in every minute of your life and get connected to them!

Everyday rhythms
include heartbeat, breath rate and even rhythms and patterns of our thoughts.

Count along with these rhythm in a  “1 2 3 4” cycles. You could also do “1 2 3” cycles too.
As you walk, make different patterns within this framework for the fun of it! 
Just tap your own created patterns to it.

Do it while commuting or even when you see a car’s blinking signal lights. Well, you get the idea. So, for a change, stop your facebook, youtube, etc while travelling. Be present to your surroundings. It makes a whole lot difference. 🙂

Music rhythms
like music, envelope and affect us on many levels. When you hear up-beat music, instinctively, your body starts to groove to the beat! Groove with it, tap with it. Just so simple and fun!Stop “listening blindly”.

So, come on and raise your awareness of these rhythms on a daily basis! 

And once you are able to do so, you will start to be more sensitive to the various rhythmic patterns found in songs! 

On 6th March 2014, 14 music enthusiasts went through a Rhythm Party! Check out what they have to say after just a 2-hour rhythm tune-up…


We’re organising more Rhythm Party soon! Stay tuned!

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