People Who Have Experienced EXPRESSWAY™

Andie Chen


When I took on the the lead role in the musical “December Rains”, I knew I had a lot of improving to do in a very short time. Thankful with the help of Hark, I managed to deliver a convincing performance.

Boon Hui Lu


The masterclass provided me with a deeper understanding of my voice and how they work. I can better target my issues by realising the reasons behind these vocal issues that I face.

James Seah


I was so amazed that in just 2 lessons, not only I’ve improved a great deal on my singing but have also achieved a breakthrough to perform professionally in front of a 1,000 crowd!

Desmond Tan


It’s not easy to find a school with a team who are professional in their craft & passionate in nurturing people. I’ve progressed so much in my musicality since the first day I was here in 2013!

Pei Shi


For a long time I have been dreaming to be able to sing and play the piano on my own. Never thought realising it is so within reach! All thanks to Hark Music’s effective teaching method!

Ya Hui


I have great passion in singing, however, I didn’t know the proper techniques to uncover my full potential until I came to Hark Music. This is my must-go place to boost my vocal skills!


The trust we have gained.