WSQ Voice Confidence Course

SkillsFuture credits applicable

Enhancing your vocal image

with SkillsFuture credits

Make use of powerful voice techniques to sound your best at workplace or for leisure.

Enjoy the learning process while you pick up life-long useful skills!

Vocalise with dimensions

Achieve a voice that transcends dimensions by mastering the art of breath control and maximising resonance.

Impress in social settings

Utilise the vocal techniques beyond speaking. Employ them in your singing performance to make a lasting impression.

Captivate your Audience

Tailor your communication methods and styles to engage with diverse audiences and convey your message effectively .

Upcoming Class Schedules

EVERY SUNDAY 12-6pm, held in Kallang-CT Hub
2 sessions (6 hours) on 3rd, 10th Mar
EVERY TUESDAY 7-10pm, held in Kallang-CT Hub
4 sessions (3 hours) on 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Mar
EVERY WEDNESDAY 7-10pm, held in One Raffles Link
4 sessions (3 hours) on 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Mar

EVERY SATURDAY 12-6pm, held in Kallang-CT Hub
2 sessions (6 hours) on 23rd, 30th Mar

Learn and Apply

Learning Outcome 1 : Use appropriate core vocal and fundamental communication techniques in various settings

6 Vocal male

Your Vocal Instrument

Key principles and guidelines for vocal control


3-in-1 Breath Control technique (Diaphragm - Abs - Resonance)

Group of young people playing guitar and ukulele and singing at house party

Communication Skills

Forge meaningful connections with others effortlessly.

Learning Outcome 2 : Engage different audiences with suitable communication modes, tools, styles and approaches

5-D.™ Voice

Maximise your voice dimension (Projection, Space, Density, Tone placement and Vowel placement)

stage presence

On-stage Presence

Captivate your audience with confidence and engaging presence

Pitch Placement

Convey the intended message with clarity, expressiveness, and the appropriate emphasis

Learning Outcome 3 : Communicate clearly and effectively at the workplace and social settings


Practical Approach

Comprehensive approach to skill development, ensuring individuals are prepared for optimal performance.

Personalised Guidance

Tailored solutions to provide targeted feedback and support, ultimately facilitating the learner's growth and development.

Business people are working meeting at creative office workplace.Happy group of Asian creative team Brainstorming

Versatile Application

Leverage dynamic voice control to your advantage in diverse settings and scenarios.

Class Setting

Small Group

Class Size: 6 – 10 pax

4 x 3-hr sessions OR 2 x 6-hr sessions

Conducted once per week

Completed within 1 month

COURSE ID: Course ID: TGS-2023020581

Course fee before funding: $600


Nett course fee: $180*
after SSG funding for Singaporeans and PRs 40 year-old & above


Nett course fee: $300*
after SSG funding for Singaporeans and PRs between 21 to 39 year-old

You may use your SkillFuture Credits to pay the Nett course fee.
The fee shown here represents the indicative nett fee payable after funding.
Please check with the training provider on your eligibility, payable nett fee and applicable GST.

If you are employer-sponsored, please check with the training provider on the eligible funding schemes for enterprises.
Find out more about training grants frogovernment agencies


Upcoming Class Schedules

EVERY SUNDAY 12-6pm, held in Kallang-CT Hub
2 sessions (6 hours) on 3rd, 10th Mar
EVERY TUESDAY 7-10pm, held in Kallang-CT Hub
4 sessions (3 hours) on 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Mar
EVERY WEDNESDAY 7-10pm, held in One Raffles Link
4 sessions (3 hours) on 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Mar
EVERY SATURDAY 12-6pm, held in Kallang-CT Hub
2 sessions (6 hours) on 23rd, 30th Mar

FAQ WSQ Voice Confidence Course

The WSQ Voice Confidence course is adapted from our Vocal EXPRESSWAY® syllabus and is designed to align with SkillsFuture initiatives, aimed at upskilling Singaporeans and PRs in the area of voice confidence.

Key features of our WSQ course:

  • You will be awarded a WSQ certificate upon meeting the criteria in the Final Assessment.
  • There is additional course content which you can apply in speaking and presenting.
    (Our Vocal EXPRESSWAY® course focuses mainly on singing.)
  • Our WSQ course is designed for accelerated skills attainment and is conducted only by our Directors or Senior Coaches.

Anyone who wish to enhance their voice image at workplace or for leisure.

Everyone, including professionals, still faces stage fright. The difference is that professionals have techniques to manage it positively, and this is one of the course objectives.

Let’s break down ‘stage fright’ – it is a common type of anxiety that refers to feeling anxious when standing on stage or in front of people. These anxiety symptoms are usually both physical and emotional.

Hence, in this course, you will be exposed to techniques that will equip you with:

  • Breathing techniques to prevent tension from building up, which leads to mental stress;
  • Warm-up techniques to loosen your body and vocal cords from feeling the tightness in the throat;
  • Core vocal techniques to be used in practical sessions to sing/talk in front of a small audience.

The main focus of this course is to impart to you the essential vocal techniques. You can apply them accordingly in any scenarios that require speaking or singing!


– There are a total of 4 x 3-hour sessions conducted on a consecutive weekly basis.

– The Final Assessment for WSQ certification will be conducted during the 4th session.

– As this is a group setting, there is no make-up lesson provided if you are absent from any sessions. However, your trainer will do their best to help you catch up with the missed topic in the following lesson.

Kindly note that if you are absent for 2 or more lessons, you will not be eligible to take the Final Assessment.

This course is specially designed having a group-setting in mind to ensure the effectiveness of the skills application.

It is advisable to come with comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch your body freely. You may bring along your personal water bottle. For your info, there is a plain water dispenser available at the training venue.

This request must be made in writing to at least 7 days in advance. If the request is made less than 7 days in advance, an admin fee of $50 will be applicable.

We understand circumstance will change. The withdrawal request must be made in writing to
Eligibility of refund of course fee based on the notice period of your request as follows:
– At least 7 days in advance: 100% refund
– Within 7 days before the class commencement date: 50% refund
– On the day of or after the class commencement date: No refund

The assessment for obtaining the WSQ Attainment Certificate consists of two parts.

This is an integral component of WSQ courses as it ensures we as the training provider delivers the intended learning outcomes and you as the learner achieves them!

Don’t worry, the Final Assessment is not meant to be a daunting task. In fact, it is designed to be a manageable examination/test that allows you to showcase your understanding. Throughout the course, your trainer will be there to support and guide you, providing mentorship and assisting you in meeting the assessment requirements.

The Assessment consists of 2 parts:
1) Short Answer Questions: This is an open-book to demonstrate your understanding in written format.

2) A Role-play: This is to showcase your skills and abilities on the voice techniques.

Trainers will guide and support you throughout the process to ensure your success. 🙂

Our Students’ Experience

WSQ Voice Confidence Course