Interview with Coach Esther

Coach Esther Hark Music

Vocal Coach Esther’s Music Video produced by Hark Music, pov by Ariana Grande at the bottom of this article! Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into coaching vocals? I started singing and playing at a very young age as my family (mom’s side) is quite a musical/artistic family. So, I […]

Interview with Coach Cherry (Vocal)

Coach Cherry’s Music Video produced by Hark Music, A-Lin《抱歉,我不抱歉 I’m Not Sorry 》 at the bottom of this article! Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into coaching vocals?I have always loved singing since a young age. Without having received any formal vocal training prior, I always felt that I […]

Why It Is Challenging To Master Mixed Voice?

master Mixed Voice

If you’re an aspiring singer, you’ve likely heard of mixed voice – the elusive vocal technique that allows singers to seamlessly blend their chest and head voices. It’s a sound that’s coveted by many, but it can be challenging to learn and master. So why is it so hard to learn mixed voice? Here are […]

The Surprising Connection Between Sing Better – Live Better

As a pop music school educator of more than 2 decades and singers ourselves, we have always known that singing brings us joy and helps us feel better. But it wasn’t until we started studying the science behind singing that we began to understand just how powerful this art form can be. In this article, […]

Choosing Singing Schools in Singapore

Things To Note Before Making Your Choice For The Singing School Right For You. As someone who has always been passionate about singing, I know firsthand how important it is to find a good singing school. In Singapore, there are many schools that offer singing classes, but not all of them are created equal. In […]

Singing with Dan Tian, is it Diaphragm?

Many Tends to Confuse Dan Tian 丹田 as Diaphragm… The Dan Tian is often associated with singing and is sometimes confused with the diaphragm. While the diaphragm plays a crucial role in breathing and supporting the voice, it is not the same as the Dan Tian. The Dan Tian is a concept in traditional Chinese […]

The Power of Singing: How Singing Can Help You Live a Happier, Healthier Life

We have seen the unique power of singing to lift our spirits and bring us joy, even when we’re feeling down. It’s been proven to help us cope with stress and anxiety, and even to boost our physical and mental health. Whether you’re belting out your favorite songs in the shower or joining a choir […]

Voice Trilling is Good for You. Why?

lip trill

Voice Trilling is Good for You. Why? ‍ Voice trilling is good for you. Why? Cause it is a challenging exercise for anyone who wants to improve their singing voice. It can prove especially difficult for those who have previously struggled with speech and language disorders or used to having tensions around vocal tract. Why […]

How to Improve Voice Resonance – The Hidden Trick…

How to Improve Your Voice Resonance – The Hidden Trick That Will Help You Sound More Confident ‍ ‍ Your voice is one of your most important and powerful tools in life. It’s the thing that helps you get your message across to someone when you’re speaking to them, or the thing that makes them […]

Is it worth paying for singing lessons?

Is it worth paying for singing lessons? ‍ You’ve always loved to sing. In shower, you would belt out songs. But now you’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and pursue in being a better singer. Not for career but for hobby! Yet we are sure you are also wondering if you’re wasting your […]