Who says you need to start music from young?

  At the age of 18, many others would feel that they are probably too old to pursue their dreams in music. But that was not the case for Coach Michael, a music learner who started off his music learning journey at 18 with zero music background.  He has now evolved into an accomplished performer and […]

What a way to end 2013!

What a way to end off 2013 for Hark Music!Our coaches and performers were invited to perform in the Countdown Party at The Promontory@Marina to usher in 2014. A live interview with Mediacorp Channel 8’s 6.30pm News. Coach Chriz and Michael performed live for a short preview to TV viewers! Few shots of their performances! Watch […]

Best Music Apps (iOS and Android)

  Isn’t it great to have few of the best music apps in our mobile devices?  With the vast selection out there, we understand it could be confusing! Here, we are going to share some of the useful apps which we think it’s good to have!   ********** FOR SINGING **********    天籁K歌 (Available for iOS […]

What is the difference of an instructor and a coach?

  In one of our previous post, we shared about Passive vs Active Learner – “How to get the most out of your learning experience!” (Click to read the post). In this short post, we’re doing a quick review of various types of teachers. We have worked with many music educators and we don’t fancy those who just […]

An unforgettable 3 weeks journey.

  Since 2009, we have helped hundreds of guitar enthusiasts to attain a jump-start in guitar playing in just a mere 3 weeks… We have seen many guitar learners who can’t even play a proper song in months, even years… In this signature programme of ours, we propelled these learners by going through a proven […]

Guitar Playing… What’s stopping you?

Playing guitar is one of the most popular instrument worldwide. It’s grooviness never fails to make the moment energised. You may have this thought once ever before in your life. You wished you could play the guitar because you want to…. ~ express your creativity, happiness, sadness or even madness. ~ accompany your singing or […]

Transforming from a Listener to a Musician!

Chewy Huei, like many music lovers have always enjoyed listening to music. However, instead of just enjoying music, she always wanted to learn how to express the music in her. She wanted to play and sing! This was something that she was unable to do so until she joined Hark Music. Now after completing THE […]

Get the most out of your learning experience!

If you want to gain the most out of your experience as a learner, ask yourself – who would you want to be: A quick look into Passive vs Active Learner:   A Passive Learner Simply taking in what the teacher told you Copying notes without thinking into own context and understanding Can regurgitate what […]

Exclusive! Featured Contestants of The Ultimate Voice 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Congratulations to featured contestants of The Ultimate Voice 2013! They now have “Priority Pass” to the qualifying rounds of the competition.   Find out a little more about these talented contestants and watch a couple of their sneak preview videos in this exclusive post!   Astrid Wong (Solo English)      Q: What made you join The Ultimate […]

8 Tips to ensure you do your best on the big day!

Auditions or Performances can be nerve-wrecking for many. You may sing or play well at the comfort of your practice room but on the big day itself, you just can’t deliver your best. Here are some tips to prep you for the big day: 1.       Make sure you practice your song well […]