Playing Guitar/Piano makes you Smarter


Simply by learning how to play guitar or piano, it greatly boost your creativity.

How come? Why? You might wonder…..
Because it works both your left, right brains and trains divergent thinking.

Characteristics of our 2 brains:
Left Brain are more Logical, Analytical while Right Brain are more Artistic, Emotional, Feeling~.
When one talks about music, we’re using the left side of the brain.
To utilize the right side of the brain, one must creatively produce, express in an activity such as music.
Hence, once you engage into music activities, you will activate more divergent thinking (using both left & right brains). With this, you will improve in…
  • Making better decisions!
  • Having better critical thinking during analysis!
  • Having better ideas!
  • Having Better intuition and inspirations!

Isn’t it killing few birds in 1 stone? 😉
You get to enjoy a de-stress activity amidst busy working/studying schedule, develop a passion of yours and at the same time, get smarter!

*Thumbs up!

Do you know Albert Einstein is into musical hobbies too?
He personally said that it served him as a personal recreation that provides the kind of creativity that also enables his professional innovation!

Read this article – Einstein on Creative Thinking:

Now, that’s a productive way of living!

Hark Music (est. in 1999) – Our mission is to create solutions to make learning fun, enjoyable, enlightening and most importantly, Achievable!
We deviate from conventional teachings (learning song-by-song).
All our approaches are designed to work on building your creativity.
To let you express yourself, and not following whatever is dictated (in scores)!
Keep your music passion burning!

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