8 Tips to ensure you do your best on the big day!

Auditions or Performances can be nerve-wrecking for many.
You may sing or play well at the comfort of your practice room but on the big day itself, you just can’t deliver your best.

Here are some tips to prep you for the big day:

1.       Make sure you
practice your song well enough

for you to know the song from inside out! With the stress that you are going to face on the day itself, last minute practicing will cause you song to lack conviction and worse, forget your lyrics.

Rest well, eat well, sleep well!

Your body is your instrument. It has to be kept at a tip-top condition to perform its best. Do vocal exercises (for singing), fingering exercises (for guitar, piano playing) daily to keep it well-maintained. 

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself well-hydrated.

Do not only drink when you are thirsty – it means your body is already dehydrated! Keeping your body hydrated is to prevent the lining mucous of your vocal cords from getting thicker from dehydration which hinder your vocal performance.
For instrumentalists, when your body is well-hydrated – you can definitely concentrate better. Don’t underestimate this little tip!

Plan your meal times

properly. Give at least 2 hours for food digestion.

Set some time for proper warm-ups.

Never rush through warm-ups!
Stretching your body keeps you focused, releasing tensions building up.
Breathe deeply and slowly. To establish connection mentally and physically.
Rehearse your song for a few times to feel & connect with your musicianship/showmanship.

Be confident

Before your turn to step on stage, do a few deep breaths and exhale slowly to calm your nerves. Walk confidently; keeping a good posture, with steady firm steps to the centre of the stage.

Look up and maintain good eye contact

to the audience. This is to establish a good first impression.

Remember to stay focused and think positively

during performing and days leading up to the big moment. Most importantly, enjoy your performance!


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