Transforming from a Listener to a Musician!

Chewy Huei, like many music lovers have always enjoyed listening to music. However, instead of just enjoying music, she always wanted to learn how to express the music in her. She wanted to play and sing!
This was something that she was unable to do so until she joined Hark Music.

Now after completing THE Guitar Expressway™ (a 3-week Accelerated Guitar Programme), Chewy is now able to better understand the BIG PICTURE of guitar concepts and how to achieve play and sing in just weeks!

Here’s what she has to share about her learning journey…

1) What has been your prominent musical breakthrough so far?

When listening to music, I’m more able to go beyond the “just listening to it for entertainment” stage. Now, I tend to pay more attention to the rhythm and beats of a song. I’m also able to better utilise the skills I’ve acquired to work out suitable strumming patterns for songs that I want to play. Compared to the past, I can better “manipulate” a song now and enjoy greater joy in playing it. All these are made possible through learning at Hark Music. 
2) Why did you choose to learn at Hark Music?
Before I decided on Hark Music, I actually googled and searched for the guitar courses available in Singapore. Hark Music’s SKT approach caught my attention when I first chanced upon it on the website. It’s an interesting approach that engages both thinking and hands-on practices simultaneously to allow learners to learn and improve within a short period of time. Being intrigued by such approach and also wanting to learn more about guitar playing, I decided on Hark Music and the outcome proved to be satisfying.

3) When did you start learning?
April 2013. The Guitar Expressway course. 😀

4) What do you enjoy most being part of the Hark Music family?
I enjoy meeting people with the same interests and having the passion to learn and bring across music in their own ways/styles.  

5) Who in Hark Music has inspired you the most?
Amos and the assistant coaches in the Guitar Expressway! Amos’s live demonstrations of how songs can be played to various styles have been inspiring. It dawns on me that rather than playing at ease with one way, I can actually explore and try out different ways of playing to experience the different “feels” of a song. The assistant coaches’ performances have also been inspiring! Seeing how they perform together, I hope that one day I will be able to do that with my friends, Haha! Recently, I joined the Stage 2 of the Acoustic Guitar Course and Coach Shawn is a nice coach too! Looking forward to more inspirations!

6) How have you benefited since learning at Hark Music
The music essential theories have given me a better idea of what I am playing on the guitar.  I have also learnt more strumming patterns so that i can enjoy more in playing and singing together! 

7) What would you like to share with those who have not started learning music?
If you like music and have the desire to learn it, don’t think too much, just do it! You will never know what will happen when you take that step out (perhaps it’s out of your comfort zone), but it will definitely be a brand new experience. Go along with the flow, just like how music can naturally flows into your heart to capture your liking! 

8) Who is your favourite artiste and why?
(Omg this is a difficult question @_@) I have different artistes whom I like in different aspects (e.g. Cpop, Kpop, drama etc), so I don’t really have a fixed favourite artiste or most favourite artiste cause’ I like them all. I believe that at different points in time, we need to have some form of inspiration to keep us going, and the type of inspiration needed may differ slightly at each point. So, that’s how I come along to have different artistes whom I look up to for inspiration.

9) Has anyone criticized your choice in Learning music as an impractical decision? If so, what would you like to tell them?
Yup! haha! Um, what I would like to say is that nothing is absolutely practical or absolutely impractical. It is the way we value things that determines what is deem as practical and what is not. Since music is something I like, it is not so much about the practicality of learning it. It is more about being able to do what I like and what I want through the learning.  It’s just like, if you want something so badly, you will get it regardless of how “practical” or “impractical” it is.

10) Has any of your friends realized your musical breakthroughs and complimented you? How did you feel?

Close friends have seen how I had progressed. On the whole, my friends are very supportive and encouraging. Hearing positive comments from them is definitely heart-warming. I hope to be able to share more of such moments with them!

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