Guitar Playing… What’s stopping you?

Playing guitar is one of the most popular instrument worldwide. It’s grooviness never fails to make the moment energised.

You may have this thought once ever before in your life.
You wished you could play the guitar because you want to….
~ express your creativity, happiness, sadness or even madness.
~ accompany your singing or even play in a band!
~ be able to relax and chill out amongst friends!
~ become a performer and even learn how to write your own songs!
~ like being mobile and bring music everywhere you go!

But…what’s stopping you from picking up? 
Commonly, these are what comes up…
“Well, I don’t own a guitar, how can I even learn without one?

“I am afraid of the pain I will go through…” 
“I have no time! Too busy with work, study…”

Now, let’s look at them in a deeper perspective.

You do not need to buy a guitar first!
When you are just starting out, perhaps you might want to ask your friends, family or neighbours if they might own a guitar. Maybe they are currently not doing anything with it! Borrow it and probably just put on new strings…

Learn for a couple of weeks or months until you are sure you want to continue. Remember, you can always get a guitar once you feel that you are ready for some serious playing!


Choosing what you like!
If you intend to own a guitar, we advice that you begin selecting one by listening with your ears. What guitar sound do you like best?
Which guitar feels the nicest yet also looks the most appealing to you?

You can listen to what a salesman has to say, but you are the one who has to judge. Don’t rely too much on the salesman. Listen to your own heart. The sound and feeling of a guitar is all about personal preference. 🙂

Pain is just temporary…but the end results will be worth it!
Yes, it is a fact that playing the guitar especially for a complete beginner will result in a little discomfort on your fingers. But why let that little discomfort affect your main objective?
Ask yourself: “If Taylor Swift (fill in whatever name) can do it, why can’t I? :)”

Being able to achieve something you thought impossible will help to uplift your self-esteem thereafter too. 

You could also minimise the pain, by choosing a guitar which is more comfortable to play during your beginning stages of learning (e.g. nylon-stringed guitar). This will help to soften your learning curve. Anyway, pain is temporary. Once you get pass a particular point, you will feel much less pain and start to enjoy more! Your ‘tears of pain’ will soon turn to tears of joy.

Adding on, there’re many effective methods that can help you get pass the pain in a shorter time. Who says you need to bear with it on and on?

Simply do a search on the internet and you get all the interesting information at your fingertips! The power of internet!

Meanwhile, here’s a video to inspire you… Playing guitar by legs!
If he can do it, sure you can! (with your fingers, of course…)

I have got no time…

I’m sure having some time planning would make it come true.
Spend less time in time-wasters, e.g. facebook, twitter, youtube, online games… and convert those time to playing the guitar. Playing an instrument also serves as a stress-buster and definitely much more fulfilling.

And you can learn on your own with the vast resource available in the internet! There are many videos and guitar websites where you can get lessons right away. Learning at your own time, own pace.

On the other side, if you want to accelerate the learning process, taking lesson is the sure way to go. Having a trusted mentor by your side, you can get your doubts clear up when there are many school of thoughts all over and could be confusing & contradicting at times.

At Hark Music, we managed to turn a guitar zero (total beginner) to someone who can play and sing on stage in just 3 weeks. With our decade-long, proven syllabus – we are always committed to making our unique syllabus more and more effective to busy adults learners like you. That’s one of the core reason why we keep getting better. 🙂

We hope the above tips have given you some pointers! 
If it has always been your life-long dream to pick up guitar playing, start now!

A simple quote to inspire you:

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is now.”
If you have something you’ve longed to accomplish, the best time is to start now.

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