Interview with Hark Music Coach Ena (Vocal and Piano)

Coach Ena’s Music Video produced by Hark Music, covering 你不是第一個離開的人 (邓紫棋 G.E.M.) at the bottom of this article!

Interview with Hark Music’s Coach Ena

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into coaching pop piano and vocals?
I grew up learning ABRSM classical piano and violin; singing was a hobby for me ever since I was a kid. After my O levels, I decided to turn my passion into my studies, so I joined Lasalle’s Diploma in pop music, followed by a Honours’ degree in Pop Music awarded by Goldsmiths University of London.

How do you tailor your coaching to fit the needs and goals of each individual student?
I always make sure to check with students what they want to learn the most, how they prefer the lesson to be structured, and what their goal is at the end of each level.

What do you think are the most important skills for a pop musician to have when it comes to playing piano and singing?
Definitely coordination and multitasking skills, so that both can happen simultaneously without compromising each other! Also, being creative is key; we can always improvise the playing styles and rhythmic grooves as long as we know the chords!

What are some common mistakes or challenges that students face when learning pop piano and vocals, and how do you help them overcome those?
The common challenge for both vocal and piano students is a lack of time for practice. I always tell my students that I don’t need them to practice for hours; consistency is the key. Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes a day, once you have the discipline to do it daily, the results is inevitable!

Can you walk us through your typical lesson structure or approach to teaching pop piano and vocals?
For piano, I always make sure to check my students’ progress first at the beginning of the lesson and ensure they fully understand how to play the song. If they want to move on, we choose songs together and work on them while learning new skills from the Piano EXPRESSWAY®! Trust me, we have so many fun skills to learn piano in our syllabus! I always have a lot of fun with my students. For vocal lessons, I ensure everyone is warmed up in the right way before starting to sing or learn new skills. Vocal health is very important; straining our voice without proper warm-up could result in vocal nodules or other complications.

How did you discover Hark Music?
What were your reasons for choosing to teach at Hark Music over other schools? While I was in school, I helped many kids with their ABRSM grades. I soon realized that most of them were learning because their parents wanted them to. I chose to join Hark because I knew that everyone who comes to Hark has a passion for pop music! (Of course, who hates pop music? It’s so catchy, just like me, XD) Moreover, Hark’s unique syllabus makes learning and teaching easy and fun. Following a structured course is definitely better than teaching aimlessly.

How have you grown as a person after becoming a pop music coach at Hark?
After many years of teaching at Hark, I find myself much more mature, patient, and skilled at dealing with difficult situations or people. In other words, I’ve gained confidence!

Can you describe a proudest moment in your journey as a Vocal and Piano Coach?
I’ve had a few students who came to learn piano or vocals because they wanted to perform at their own wedding or surprise their partner. The proudest moment is definitely when I witness them on stage, alone, firm, and confident!

What else do you do at Hark Music besides coaching?
During my break time or if I happen to arrive at the office early, I like to use the free classroom for my “private karaoke session” because we have great speakers, mixers, mics, and a big TV in every classroom!

What do you love most about being a part of the Hark Music family?
There are too many things to list, but I really love the fact that we have the freedom to be ourselves! I used to be crazy about colorful hair and changed my hair color almost every month, haha! Another thing I love the most is definitely the HarkNet™ – it’s so convenient for tracking lesson records, class arrangements, and teaching materials!

Choose 3 words that represent you as a person or as a coach.
Humorous, confident, easy-going.

Tell us more about yourself, like your passions or secret talents.
I think I would call myself a crazy cat lady! In my free time, I volunteer for animal welfare. We rescue cats, foster cats, and most importantly, help them find adoptive homes.

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