How we Teach You to Sing Systematically

How we Teach You to Sing Systematically

Everyone has heard someone sing before, whether it be in the shower or at karaoke night. But not everyone can sing well. If you’re struggling with getting that perfect pitch, then attending singing lessons with a systematic approach is for you.

Here is how you will learn sing systematically in our singing lessons.

What is a systematic approach?

A systematic approach to singing is just that, systematic. It means that you’ll be breaking down the process into manageable parts where you can learn how to sing in chunks. This breaks down the daunting task of learning to sing into smaller, more manageable tasks.


Singing Lessons systematically?

Learning the fundamentals of how to sing is key if you want to hit that high note. You can learn how to sing systematically by following a step-by-step process, but it can take some time and practice. The good news? It’s worth it!

Before we get into the tips for how to sing systematically, it’s important to know why learning this way will help. Understanding the basics will give you a better idea of what you need to do in order to make progress.

In our Vocal Lessons EXPRESSWAY® syllabus, we take you through this journey step-by-step with great learning tools throughout your singing lessons.



In Level 1 – Voice Dimension
– we start by finding your true voice. During the singing lessons, you will work on your breathing, tone stability and balance. We have all the visual charts to help you visualise the techniques and knowledge involved. It makes learning so much easier and fun! And you get access to them in HarkLearners’ Portal too!


In Level 2 – Expressivity

We move to voice dynamics and song feel. You will be exploring different voice colours, like breathiness, voice fry, crescendo/decrescendo, accents, etc to make the song comes alive. In all, singing is about expressing what you feel, not merely sounding nice.


In Level 3 – Voice Range

It is time for expand your Chest-Head voice registers and connect them for a much fluid transition, what it is named as “Mixed Voice”. This is an essential techniques in singing pop songs where you need to master to handle wide vocal range from popular artistes like Adele, Bruno Mars, JJ-Lin, A-lin, and many more!

Once you have completed these main modules in our singing lessons, you will proceed in to Continual Mastery – Versatility. This is where the excitement never ends. Here is where you improvise and explore songs in various styles to build your versatility.


In Conclusion about taking Singing Lessons…

A systematic approach to learning how to sing is the only way to make progress. We have been conducting singing lessons since 1999, we know how what works best.
With a systematic approach, we are definite that you will improve quickly and sing with more ease.

Keen to find out your best voice potential?

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