Keep Running to your dreams!

“Keep Running”– specially written to encourage and inspire each and every Singaporean, during our nation 48th birthday.

To complement songs with patriotic and community feel, this song, Keep Running” says more about oneness within the one person. It carries the believe that sometimes, one needs to reflect upon himself/herself as an individual before achieving the oneness as a community.

ST Communities and Sunday Life! had picked up and shared this song.
This song is also exclusively played in 883 Jia FM and Power 98 FM.
Many thanks to the media support!

“Never resist who you want to be.” – Amos Teo

Stay true to what you believe and keep running towards your dreams.

Composed, Arranged & Produced by Hark Music‘s Founder, Amos Teo
Sung by Fairus Adam

Click here to watch a video preview in Youtube.

Click here to listen to the full song in Soundcloud.
Free Download available too for a limited period!

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