Jay Chou’s Piano Learning Journey


“When I was little I played the piano, I sometimes felt happy and sometimes felt pressure. Later on, I started to learnt the cello, but afterwards I didn’t go to take the exam. So I stopped playing the piano and cello for a period of time. But privately I still played some pop songs (It was at this time when I came into contact relatively more with pop songs). I started to grasp melody and combining chords. I felt really happy, relaxed and not so much pressure.”

[ Written by Jay from Jay Album and Translated by Ho@multistars.com ]”
Extracted from http://jaychoustudio.com/jay-chou-profile


Jay Chou, just like most of us – have the advantage of learning piano at the young age.
As a kid, parents usually enrolled us in the conventional path. We took practical and theory exams years after years, just to fulfill the journey but never really felt the passion in playing the songs we were learning nor understanding the theory we were told to memorise.

However, once you embark on a pop piano journey, the pressure immediately went off and it came in another form of joy! You started to feel much more fulfilled with the ability to play songs you know, on the piano. 

Now, true passion comes back as you are starting to play what you hear in your mind instead of playing what you see on the paper. It just feels great now!

Don’t mistaken that all the classical stuffs which you have learnt are gone to waste.
In fact, the practical drilling you picked up in younger years provides you an advantage in fingers agility and the theories you’ve learnt make more sense now (due to more chords-playing in pop piano).

Anyway, here’s a 5-min video where Jay Chou start improvising on piano based on what he feels and hear. And yes, he doesn’t need any scores to play the piano!

* The video is in Mandarin. No english subtitles available.

Hope this video inspires you!

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