Highlights of “Sing with Freedom” Vocal Workshop

On the 8th December 2013, yet another full house event happened in Hark Music! The day of the much anticipated “Sing with Freedom” Vocal workshop conducted by Hark Music’s founders, Amos Teo & Yoong Xin Yun finally came!

Singing enthusiasts gathered to learn how they can “Sing with Freedom” by understanding how the vocal instrument works and how learning some key concepts can allow them to produce a richer tone with less effort! Not only that, many were also able to see instant improvements in their voices. Here are some of the exciting footages of the exciting happenings during the 3-hour workshop!

The directors started of the session by performing a medley of 2 songs “回家” & “Born this way”!



Participants sharing with others on some of the difficulties that they face whenever they sing!


Learning the proper techniques on how to breathe like a true singer!

 Finding out how they can produce a richer tone with less effort!

A fun and enjoyable learning session where everyone could immediately share on their instant improvements! 



Watch the video below to find out what some attendees had to say after the workshop!



We look forward to seeing you at another exciting Hark Music event! 


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