He isn’t your average Joe even though his name is Joe Lee…

He isn’t your average Joe though his name is Joe Lee. He took up Vocal ExpressWay early this year and realised singing brought on more benefits to his life than just being able to sing well.

And he has a unique occupation too! Read it in this interview below… 

1) You took both Vocal ExpressWay 2-day boot camp and later continued to advance more in Personalised Coaching. What in your opinion is the difference of these 2?
Vocal ExpressWay to me was a jump start to gain all the basics of singing within 2 days instead of 6 months. That kick-started my interest in singing and that’s why I decided to continue learning through personalised coaching. It allows me to practice and apply these theories, getting used to the applications and perfecting them.

2) Is there any particular reasons why you would like to take up singing during early part of 2014, at the age of mid-30s?
There isn’t any particular reason why I took up singing during the early part of this year. It’s about ever learning to explore life. To me, life is an adventure.The earlier part of my life was more about learning about my career and now I guess I’m taking some time to do something that isn’t work related.

But little did I know singing could also help me in my work! In fact, performing on stage is a part of my work. I’ve gained little lessons here and there about life through singing and I turned these lessons into knowledge and apply them in the courses that I conduct in my profession.

3) How has singing lessons changed your life?
Suddenly I’ve become Mr. Popular! Nowadays, I get many requests to join friends in karaoke. 
Jokes aside. 

Singing with techniques is new to me and there are so many things to take note of all at the same time! It really takes time to master the techniques and complete singing a song well. Taking singing lessons have also changed the way I view professional singers now. They probably invested thousands of hours to become who they are. And this applies to everything in life. To fully be a master of an area, I have to invest thousands of hours to master it.

4) Share what is your most prominent difference in your singing before taking singing lessons and now?
I can now reach higher notes! And most importantly, without feeling the strain at my throat. Now, I can go for 5 hour karaoke sessions and not lose my voice unlike before. 

5) Has people around you, realized any differences in your singing? How did they react to that?
Yes, they definitely realised the difference. They have noticed that I am able to hit higher notes now and not lose my voice. They also think I sound a lot better especially with the correct breathing techniques
Some were so inspired that I believe a couple actually enrolled into the next Vocal ExpressWay. Haha!


7) What do you enjoy most being part of the Hark Music family?
Being in Hark Music makes me feel like part of a family. My coach as well as all the staff and founders are friendly. On top of that, the opportunity to perform and see others perform is definitely a plus point.

8) Who in Hark Music has inspired you the most?
Hearing my Vocal Coach, Chriz Tong’s story inspires me. In fact, I have always wanted to interview her because I believe that her story will inspire many youths to pursue their dreams!

9) Do you have any personal goals on what you would like to achieve in singing or in music?
Actually no. I am singing for leisure. However, I’m someone who loves to take challenges and master a skill so I would continue to better myself. Looking from this perspective, I guess my goal is to become better in singing week after week.

10) We understand that you are a Life Coach as a profession. It’s definitely an unusual occupation to most. Could you share with us more?
A Life Coach is similar to a Singing Coach. I observe and point out my client’s blind-spot. Typically, those who face career dilemmas will come to me. Those who can’t decide which way to go will come to me. Those who loves to reach their destination in speed will come to me.

I help my clients see things that they could’t see on their own. And Life Coaching isn’t a one off thing. It requires a longer term commitment to allow accountability and good habits to form.
Satisfaction comes when the client gains a new awareness about themselves and with new awareness comes new choices.

To know more about how you can gain momentum in your life, visit my blog, www.coachingwithjoe.com!
12) What would you like to share with others about Hark Music?
Hark Music is really a welcoming place to learn music. Not only do you learn music in a very effective way, you learn it in a very fun manner. The methodology that Hark Music uses has been tested and proven to be very effective. And not only that, they are constantly developing new effective methods into their lessons! I have been sharing to my friends about Hark Music, and now my wife is also a student of Hark Music! So definitely this is a place to learn music! 

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