He did it in just 6 months!


6 months ago, Nicholas had completely zero background in the playing the piano.
But now he is able to play and sing a complete song!
“I never thought that I could sing and play a complete song during the breakthrough performance in just 6 months of learning the pop piano.” 


Find out more about him through this interview!
1) Why did you choose to learn this particular instrument? 
Music has been my principal and leading option in the things that I do. Since young the beautiful and charming melodies from the piano never failed to mesmerise me. Time and again I find myself enchanted to the tune of the piano especially when I can sing along with the piano accompaniment. Coming from a humble family background, I was not able to learn the piano; for it was considered an expensive and exclusive musical instrument during my younger days. Nevertheless the fortitude and desire to pick up piano skills develop further as time passes and I decided to fulfil my childhood dreams when I chanced upon the pop piano course.
2) What is your musical dream?
My aspiration is to be able to perform (自弹自唱) on stage to a group of audience one day. My vision is to play and sing the song “My Way”; a French song that was popularized by Frank Sinatra. It depicts the story of a man who reflects on his life as death approaches where he is comfortable with his mortality and takes responsibility for how he dealt with all the challenges of life while maintaining a respectable degree of integrity. Of course once I am able to fulfil this dream, I would love to continue this voyage of playing and singing, performing to a group of audience.
3) Did you have any prior musical background?
Yes, but not a strong foundation in music. I joined the school band since I was in primary school all the way to the National University of Singapore’s Wind Symphony. More than 10 years of playing the trumpet from military band to symphonic band, this journey in music is never a complete one to me; simply due to the fact that the trumpet is never considered as a “full” instrument, unable to play and sing at the same time. All I can say is I have zero background when it comes to piano.
4) Why did you choose to learn at Hark Music?
My encounter with Hark Music goes a long way back to 2003 when I first joined the guitar course, under the training baton of founder Mr Amos Teo. However I was not able to complete the guitar course as I had to cope with the varsity life and active involvement in NUS Wind Symphony. 10 years later when I decided to venture in my piano goals, I approached Hark Music immediately without considering other music schools. Through the Hark Experience which I underwent previously, I must say that Hark Music had successfully concoct its very own syllabus of coaching that condenses the pain yet resonates the music nature in every individual. This is the primary reason of my return to Hark Music as I strongly believe Hark Music will be able to nurture the success of my piano journey.
5) What has been your prominent musical breakthrough so far?
Though I embrace the Hark Experience, I never thought that I could sing and play a complete song during the breakthrough performance in just 6 months of learning the pop piano. Moreover this is a song written by my pop piano coach, Joann whom she had generously and benevolently gave her consent for me to learn and gain further knowledge of the pop piano. The most beautiful thing about undergoing the Hark Experience is that once you are at it, no one can take it from you and that is the most prominent musical breakthrough.
6) How have you benefited since learning at Hark Music?
Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand; speaks what cannot be expressed through words, soothes the mind and heals the heart. I gained a much in-depth of music through learning at Hark Music.
In a class of 4 learning pop piano, we have to understand that different individuals comprehends in their own way. Everyone has a different learning curve and through this, the practice of your patience and broad mind is put into test. Learning to be more accepting and accommodative towards others are two major aspects in life which I truly benefited from Hark Music apart from the musical outlook.
7) Has anyone criticized your choice in learning music as an impractical decision? If so, what would you like to tell them?
Yes definitely and that is none other than my mom. A 76-year old lady whom was brought up in a different environment naturally prefers something that is more practical in life. In life it is not about “who” everyone else wants you to be, it’s about being yourself and finding someone that will love the every bit of it. Instead of telling them something, I prefer to action upon something. After grasping the fundamentals of playing the chords on the piano, I sang and played my mother’s favourite song – 月亮代表我的心 to her.  Since then my mom did not mentioned anything pop piano as an impractical choice and from her body language, I know that deep down in her heart she is delighted as she would never have thought that I can sing and play the piano solely for her enjoyment on her favourite song.
8) Has any of your friends realized your musical breakthroughs and complimented you? How did you feel?
Yes… I posted a video of the breakthrough performance on my Facebook and received worthy compliments and feedbacks. Majority of my friends and relatives didn’t believe that I can play on the piano and sing along in a short time frame of 6 months learning. I feel extremely encourage and inspired from them. Indeed such insightful remarks infinitely add as a strong catalyst for me to persist and continue to pursue my dreams in pop piano.
9) What do you enjoy most about being a part of Hark Music’s family?
Too much things to enjoy I must say. Hark Music is like a big family – A family where life begins and love that will never end; A family that we may not have it together but together we have it all. From the reception to the classrooms, everyone whom I have met at Hark Music is welcoming, approachable, responsive, sociable and pleasant. It is true that the love and passion for music binds all of us together. Hark music is a homely and inviting music school where you can get to hear the most of my laughter.
Do take a look at Nicholas’s Student Breakthrough Performance video when he performed for the first time on the Pop Piano in front of a live audience!

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