Exclusive! Interview with Local singer Chriz Tong (汤薇恩).



Are you a fan of Singapore’s Channel 8 serial dramas? 
If so, you might have heard of some songs sang by Chriz Tong (汤薇恩), a certified Hark Music’s Vocal Coach! (She’s nominated consecutively 3 times in Star Awards for Best Theme Song!)

She is the voice behind theme songs for Kampong Ties “甘榜情”, Don’t Stop Believin “真善美”, Coffee Love Song “啡情歌”, Love at Risk “爱情风险” , An Unfinished Love Song “一首没唱完的情歌”…..

Through this exclusive interview, we’re going to know more about her and her courage to face the odds in pursuing a full-time music career. 

1) When did you find out that you could sing?
Well, I have loved to sing for as long as I can remember, since I was a kid.


2) Has anyone discouraged your decision in being a singer as an impractical one?
It certainly was a difficult decision to make, especially since I had to leave a high paying job to pursue this dream. But I’m lucky to have supportive friends and family who believes in me. Of course I meet people along the way who are shocked to learn of my choice and doubts the sustainability of a livelihood as a singer, but at the end of the day I’m not trying to convince anyone of a choice I made for myself. I count my blessings everyday now knowing that I am working for something I loved all my life. 

In fact, I don’t actually feel like I’m “working”, I guess not many people can say that of their jobs?


3) What do you enjoy most about being a vocal coach?

It’s very fulfilling to share my love and knowledge for music with like minded people. It’s very exciting when I get to see them improve every week and become better singers.

4) What do you love most being a part of the Hark Music family?

I’m so thankful to have gotten to know this bunch of musicians who are CRAZY FUN! It’s not easy to find good people to work with so I’m super lucky that I found so many! 

5) Who in Hark Music inspires you the most?
It has to be our director, Amos. His passion and determination really inspires me to be a better musician.

6) Could you share with us a little more about your album “没唱完的情歌”?

It’s a compilation of all the theme songs that I have recorded for MediaCorp, sort of like an OST. I’m honoured to have recorded 10 theme songs over the past 2 years and this album is an homage to the beloved dramas MediaCorp has produced. Hopefully it serves as a collectible for audience who wants to relive the wonderful dramas through my music. The title track “Unfinished love song” signifies my unfinished wish to continue singing for as long as I can. 


7) Besides singing, what other “secret” talents do you have?

I can whip up a mean aglio olio! Haha, cooking is quite therapeutic for me. I also practice yoga, still working on that head stand though.

8) Who is your favourite singer and how has he/she inspired you to become who you are today?

I have many idols who inspire me. If I had to pick one I’d say Kit Chan. I aspire to be able to sing and act on stage like she does and put Singapore’s music on the map.

9) What would you like to share with others out there who have the same goals of becoming a singer/artiste?

First, you have to ask yourself how far are you willing to fight for it. It’s not an easy industry and you need a lot of perseverance and resistance to failure. Doors are going to close, people are going to knock you down, but you have to just keep going if this is really what you want. 

10) Describe yourself in a sentence!
A girl who’s trying to live life without regrets.

Here’s a live video of Chriz Tong singing a medley of her songs.
Enjoy her soothing voice!

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