A Quick Guide for Adults Taking Piano Lessons

A Quick Guide for Adults Taking Piano Lessons

Piano lessons can be a difficult decision for adults. It’s not uncommon to worry about the time commitment, expense, and whether or not it will actually lead anywhere. Also, many adults don’t know where to start! Because piano teachers or piano music schools who are specialised in teaching adults can be hard to find too.

Since Hark Music School’s inception in 1999, we’ve heard many adults piano enthusiasts asking these questions during enquiry:
“Am I too old to learn?”
“How long does it takes for me to play a proper song?”
“Will I be grouped with children?”

Yet, they all came with the same purpose.
They always wanted to learn piano playing but don’t have the opportunity when young. Now that they can make their own choices, they really want to tick off this life goal!

That’s why Hark Music School of Music, being an adult-centric learning environment, developed a proprietary EXPRESSWAY® syllabus, best suited for adults’ learning.
We simplify the complexities and get you to start enjoying the learning process!

On top of personal reasons, here are some key questions to ask yourself, why you want to take piano lessons as an adult:


Should I study with a coach, or self learn?

Self-directed learning via internet videos is great, but it’s always never fails to have a piano coach. Not only it will be a hand-holding experience, it also ensures you don’t head the wrong path. You also get to learn just about everything from them. The most important part is that they keep you accountable to reach your goals (short-term and long term)!


What are your goals in taking piano lessons?

Ask yourself truly – what do you want to achieve by taking piano lessons? If it’s performance, then be sure your goal is clear and specific and work towards it. 

For most people taking adult piano classes, they usually want to learn to play their favourite songs. This goal may pale in comparison with those who intend to master the craft, but it helps in motivating them to strive and learn more. By the end of the piano class and they get to perform their favourite pieces whether just for own enjoyment or for their friends/family, that’s already a big achievement.


Is the basics necessary?

Getting the basics right will set you for a long path ahead. As much as it may be boring to you but have the know-hows, and getting the big picture of piano playing is essential for productive learning for more advance techniques or songs. In Hark Music, we simplify the complexities while not losing the essence. On top, we also create audio and video tracks to accompany your piano practice with aim to make them fun!


What are the kind of song I like to play?

Music can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby for many people. But if you are instructed to play the songs you don’t really fancy, you will not have motivation to practice between lessons. If you’re looking to play the piano, ask yourself what kind of song you want to learn. Your coach will then understand your song preferences and start you by playing songs similar to what you like, and yet are simple enough so as not frustratingly difficult;

Then, slowly work it up to songs with high difficulty. Tunes like pop music often have catchy melodies which make them easier than other types of classical pieces might be. Finding your favourite type will motivate us all, no doubt at all!


Have fun learning and playing the piano!









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