Valen Tan 陳霆婷 – Successes in Taiwan!

  Our Vocal Coach, Valen Tan 陳霆婷 has been in Taiwan  developing her singing career for years!    In June 2014, we invited her to do a intimate acoustic showcase at Hark. She did many of her signature songs in her own renditions like: If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys, 也许明天- 张惠妹, 会过去的 – 梁静茹, 飞机场的10:30 – […]

Improve Rhythm through playing a game!

For centuries, video games have always been portrayed as a bad influence. Well, maybe some…But definitely not all!  Now, you must be thinking, what has games got to do with music? Well, we all know that a strong sense of rhythm is required when we are singing or playing a music instrument! Well, here is […]