Random Photos!

Some random photos taken on last few days… [During last Saturday’s 实在歌手大考验] It was a 80’s night. Everyone was feeling nostalgic~~~ Woh~! All those were the popular songs playing on the radio during our schooldays (oops! revealed our ages…) It sure brought us back some memories. YINGZHI: She sang 潇洒走一回 KENNETH singing 爱的宣言 Vynson was […]

Student Showcase Concert – Bi-monthly Event!

We held our first Student Showcase Concert yesterday night! It was a bi-monthly event for those who performed well in their Student Performance Evaluation (SPE). Boy, it was such an interesting night. Students from Pop Piano and Vocal Courses played and sang to an almost packed ‘theatre’. I will be posting some pictures up, stay […]