Random Photos!

Some random photos taken on last few days…

[During last Saturday’s 实在歌手大考验]

It was a 80’s night. Everyone was feeling nostalgic~~~
Woh~! All those were the popular songs playing on the radio during our schooldays (oops! revealed our ages…) It sure brought us back some memories.

YINGZHI: She sang 潇洒走一回

KENNETH singing 爱的宣言

Vynson was here on SAT night. Probably, he wanted to ‘revive’ his memories….LOL..

Those who heard him sang before, would’ve knew he is a MASTER in imitating 王杰.
Heh…heh….So….Weicai definitely couldn’t resist to get him up on stage!
Coupled with his exaggerrating showmanship, Vynson was the limelight-stealer of the night, with his ‘overly’ 悲 facial expression.

Ah huh, Ah huh…Look at Vynson’s body language!

Alright, this is the photo when he’s holding his last note for the song 忘了你,忘了我…Yes, the signature LAST NOTE where he always does not bear to end…………………

Weicai was not spared!!!!
He had to bring us a song which he claimed that he ‘owes’ many people…(*shhh* when asked, *shh* everyone shaked their head….)


WEICAI brought us another classic: 特别的爱给特别的你

ELYSE sang 梦醒时分
As usual, Leonard rushed and reached Hark just on time for his turn to sing..

Wearing suspenders for the first time (his newly-bought accessory), Amos and Weicai could not resist snapping them…..for FUN!!! Look at Leonard’s painful expressions!

And….all these snapping did not stop at just ‘one-episode’.
They snapped before his performance, and they snapped after his performance…
Once, the suspenders broke away from the clip. Ooohh…Poor thing….So from now on, Leonard, you know this is one accessory you must remind yourself not to wear to Hark again especially with the presence of Amos and Weicai!!

Leonard sang 祝你一路顺风

There’re some random photos taken from our Student Showcase Concert held on 2 July, Monday evening.

Jinghui, our Pop Piano Student!

Elyse was one of the host on that day (Kenneth was the other one)..

The performer here is Su Kit. He may look BIG and FIERCE in this photo but trust me, he is one, jovial & fun-loving guy…who always love to entertain the crowd with his jokes!!! He is also one of the contestants in HSSC (Hark Student Singing Competition), who has already successfully progressed to the Quarter-Finals!

Another picture of him…. He sang 世界唯一的你

A cute girl, Sui Lin! One of the few outstanding students.

Oh… well, all the students who performed here are outstanding students!

They are the ones who scored above 80% from the Student Performance Evaluation (SPE).

Another impressive vocalist, Carissa. She sang ~HIGH HIGH HIGH~
Another contestant from our HSSC who successfully progressed to the Quarter-Finals too!

Keep it going, girl!


Jia Hao
Oh, it wasn’t a good evening for him. His disc couldn’t play, thus he’ve got no choice but to sing acapella (without music!) in front of the audience!


Anyway, to all performers in this Showcase Concert…




Student Showcase Concert (SSC) will be held once every 2 months.

Students who scored above 80% in their Student Performance Evaluation at every end of each learning stage will have the honour to be part of this concert at Hark’s Performing Studio!

So till our next SSC; Hark Students, keep on working on your playing and singing skills!

Let this be your next goal!

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