We wanna help you stage your own concert!


THANK YOU……8Days, EXPAT Living, TimeOut!


Yeah, recently been busy with lots of stuffs!
Haha…we have been writing this word BUSY for many times, huh??

Sometimes, I always say, “Being busy is better than nothing to do!! “
****Chey…老套! 😛 ***** *shakes head*******


We are going to tape it down, take tons and tons of photos… and share with those who can’t make it here tomorrow. It will be a rocking show, rocking night!!!

The transformation from our music café to the now POSH POSH Performing Studio has been a wonderful experience for us! We are concentrating so much better in our music development, and plus, we are so glad that we can lend a big help to many local aspiring musicians!

We support them by providing a wonderful venue, well equipped with sound equipments, good acoustics and even videography equipments! We are soo thrilled to know that we can contribute in this manner!

Hark Music, being one of the leading pop music school in Singapore (till date, we have over 500 students!), has a definite edge over many, as we have our very own mini-theatre, which seats up to 80 pax in comfortable sofa seats!

^ sooo comfy~~~~~

We do not want to only use it for own purposes but also put it forward to good use for local arts and music scene at no costs to our local music community.

See where we are driving at? *claps…claps…*

The concert tomorrow is just a start of the long run!
Hopefully, we are able to gather more good musicians.

If you know any friends who play music, wants to share their music, and hopes to stage their own mini-concert, tell them about this place, tell them about Hark Music! We can work it all out for them!


We will get more media exposure to the event! More publicity for the musicians!

And, we also wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to the various media who has helped us to publicize the event: 8 Days. U-Weekly, EXPAT Living, TimeOut, many more.….

2008 is going to be a BIG year for us!
Woohoo~~We have sooo many things going on!! We hope it will be for you too!


Festive Greetings, everyone!!! Stay happy, stay healthy!
Be back soon, with the concert photos, and everything!!!

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