Watch the 1st Episode of THE REAL SINGER!

The 1st episode of THE REAL SINGER is out!
At our Official Online Media –!

Episode 1 – THE AUDITION

Watch it here:


Throughout the entire 6-month training, the training process will be filmed and published at for you to follow through…

You will witness the emergence of THE REAL SINGER who will have his/her very own EP album up for commerical sales at CD stores!
And the most interesting part is, you will get a chance to be involved in the making of the ‘star’!

…How you ask?…

During the evaluations of the training (4 evaluations in total), the Artistes-In-Progress’ individual clips will be uploaded and it will be open for voting to determine the most popular Artistes-In-Progress!
Yes, you will get to vote!!!

The voting results will constitute to about 20% of their overall assessment scores!!!

So, stay tuned to the released videos by and follow us through this exciting 6 months journey!

p.s.: We will be uploading the 18 Artistes-In-Progress’s photo and bio-data very soon! You will get to know them better then. 🙂

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