THE REAL SINGER Artiste Development Course Phase 1 Completion!

Phase 1 of THE REAL SINGER 实在歌手 Artiste Development Course
12 weeks of trainings for our 18 Artistes-In-Progress (AIPs) are finally completed.
They have been through vocal trainings, performances and recording sessions…
Through the recording & filming by (visit them at – Singapore 1st Online Reality Portal), it definitely gave them a good feel of how the music industry works, how to face the media and such…
…and for the voting part of their performance evaluation clips which was open to the public for popularity votes in….
In this entertainment industry, having the talent is never enough, having good 人脉 (simply said- ‘good PR skills’, even among your friends… :)) is also essential to survive in this stiff competition.
During the Final Phase Evaluation held on 9 Oct, all the AIPs gave their best and showed their performance versatility through 2 songs. The Final Evaluation stands a heavy percentage on their final scoring – 40%…
The total scores accumulated in Phase 1 will determine the TOP 12 who will be proceeding to Phase 2. Their Phase 1 Results will be based on the following:
Mid-Phase Scoring (upon 20%) + Mid-Phase Voting (upon 10%) + Final-Phase Scoring (40%) + Final-Phase Voting (10%) + Vocal Recording (20%)

So, after totalling all the scores together, the Top 12 AIPs proceeding to Phase 2 are…
1. Clara
2. Jeremy
3. Chew Bee
4. Ye Wei
5. Zac
6. Sirong
7. Xuyang
8. Ling Ling
9. Eddie
10. Jun Long
11. Jia Wei
12. Eileen

Phase 2 of the training will commence in December 2010.
It’s their final quest to be a recording artiste!

Here are some photos taken during the Final Phase Evaluation for you to enjoy the happenings of that night!

More photos here at our Facebook album:

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