PHOTOS: Perform to Inspire Workshop at library@esplanade

Last Saturday, we were at library@esplanade!, conducting a 1-hr workshop -“Perform To Inspire”.

Hmm, what did we do?

We gave tips and pointers on how to ‘colour-up’ live performances, precisely – ‘Perform to Inspire’!

In it, we gave live demonstrations and performances. For example, we arranged our students to give their first maiden public performance which followed by our comments from our music directors/instructors. Our instructors also performed and demonstrated on the spot, the students’ chosen songs to bring the idea across and of course to feel & see the difference.

At the end of the session, we collected feedbacks from the audiences and were so glad that 100% ticked the session as ‘Good’ & ‘Very Good’!

Thank you!

Here are some photo captures from the day….

Our Music Director – Amos Teo and Vocal Instructor – Valen, giving an opening performance song – ‘Way Back Into Love’ before the start of this sharing session.

Our student – Geok Ying, giving her first public performance, singing ‘Because of You’.

Our student – Yvonne, singing 勇气 for her first public performance.

Amos, sharing the Do’s and Don’ts of a performance to the audience.


One of our Hark Performing Team – Xiaorong(Vocal) and Suteck(Guitar)

Here, together with Jinghui (Piano)

They did an unplugged performance – “爱笑的眼睛” & Journey

After their performance, Amos commented on areas which they can improve on. Amos suggested adding harmonizing parts to add more layers to the performance.

And..they are trying out now!

Eugene, another performer from Hark Performing Team.

Weiqi, on guitars.

This team consists of Eugene (Vocal), Weiqi (Guitar) and Liling (Piano). They performed ‘你是我的眼’ & ‘Now and Forever’.

A rousing closing performance by Amos, Valen and Patrick – ‘你是爱我的’.

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