K歌达人 – Not just any ordinary Karaoke App!


Have you always been very shy of joining a karaoke session with your friends? Probably because you are not confident of your own voice? Or afraid that your friends might criticize your singing?

Well, here’s an application called ‘K歌达人’ which is really not your average karaoke app! It has a special function that allows you to join a virtual karaoke room (like a open hall in karaoke) filled with other singers from all over the world. 

The best thing about this function? It does not require you to show your face! 😉

(Available on both iOS and Android platforms)


App Features:

  • An updated and wide database of popular songs to select from. 
  • It has an in-build smart scoring system 
  • Virtual Karaoke room which allows you to join other singers from all around. 
  • Be a Judge! You can compliment or feedback on other singers while they sing.
  • Personal karaoke session – do it at the comfort of your own room!

What we like about this app?

It’s FREE!
With the rising costs of karaoke sessions, why not have your own at the comfort of your home?

This app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate around.

Virtual Karaoke Room

We have not come across another karaoke app that has this function. It really is a good way to practice singing without the need to face a live audience. Gather feedbacks from others. It’s an awesome way to improve through constructive comments!
Wide Song Database

This app has got the latest songs. Both English and Mandarin Pop songs!

What we don’t like about this app?
So far none… We think there’s nothing to complain about it! 😀
Except that you need to be able to read Mandarin to navigate around this app.

Let your karaoke trainings begin now!

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