June Live Shows

Okay…gonna let you know our June Live Shows Line-up…Sorrie, the posters are not ready yet….next week, ba…. ;P Meanwhile, shall just use text!

Our Performers and Artistes-In-Progress will be having their photo-taking session this weekend.

For June and July, FRIDAY shows will be our
Hark Student 歌唱比赛 Preliminary Rounds, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and FINALS!

Initially, we only planned to have quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals….but due to the enthusiatic response from our students, we should be having Preliminary Rounds. We want our students to gain as much exposures as possible through this event. YES!

Participants will be singing with Live Band from Semi-Finals onwards. An additional 考验 for them!

So, as ‘part of the trend’ (hahaa…), other than the judges’ grading on their vocal techniques and performing skills, audience will be invited to vote for their favourite singers! And give them your constructive comments to them…..yes, I meant constructive comments, and not to demoralise the singers, ok?……you think singing is sooo easy, meh???

And~~~Judges will also comment and ‘teach’ them on the spot to let them ‘see their room for improvement’.

Good, right???

So, you guys and gals who are taking part in this competition….don’t freak out, ok? Practice hard on your pieces and deliver them with confidence! Take all performing opportunity as a learning process, don’t give yourself too much pressure..
Remember, just enjoy~~~~ That’s when you can perform best!

After this weekend’s audition, we will then allocate the dates accordingly. The FINAL may be held in August. We will update everyone again, after the scheduling.

Those who wants to watch the competition, feel free….of course, you are welcome! 🙂
This coming Friday is the audition. Hmm…probably, nothing much to watch….Hahaa….
You can come on next Friday onwards, ba…. It will be the start of the Preliminary Rounds.

Come and give encouragement for our students!

SATURDAY show will remains as usual for our 实在歌手大考验.
Nothing new, just as usual, come and vote for your favourite Artistes-In-Progress (AIP) to keep them in the running!

Now, from 12 AIPs at the start of the show, we have left 9 AIPs….
If their performances are still not up to standard…..we will cut, cut, cut the numbers again….
So, all AIPs….please buck up!

For special performances:
Philip, Xinyun and Maggie may be performing…..We are still trying to confirm their schedules with them, so I couldn’t give you the dates now.
Well, ya know…they are 大忙人 what….what to do??

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