Hark Featured Performer (Jun 09): Eugene

How did you find out about Hark Music?
Hark Music was the most affordable music school that offers vocal lesson during my time, which was around 2002.

What makes you decide to join Hark Music?
I searched through the Internet, newspapers and even community centers to find the most equipped and affordable music schools then. Shortly, I found out that Hark Music was organizing a vocal workshop so I gathered my friends to attend. The workshop had given a new idea in singing and I was inspired by the instructor who did the 靠近 by Harlem. From then on, I’ve found out my deepest interest in singing.

What benefits you the most while attending the lessons with Hark Music?
I’ve gained vast knowledge on the fundamentals of singing, song expression and stage presence. I’ve made friends who share the same interest. Most importantly, I’ve improved my vocals.

Describe a memorable experience in Hark Music.
The fun learning sessions with the instructor, doing silly actions like lips trills, funny noises/sounds and amusing expressions which my peers made while attempting vocal exercises made me recall all the old good times.

What do you like most about Hark Music?
I like the environment and the coziness of school. I also enjoy the added facilities where students are able to borrow CDs , photocopy guitar tabs and use the facilities for practice.

Any comments/feedbacks about the school for our readers?
Hark Music is the place for music lovers who wish to learn and know all about pop music. It is also a place which provides opportunities for music lovers to come together through the regular school activities.

Is your dream career related to music?
I wish to be an instructor so that I can share my passion and joy for singing. Not everyone can do the things they like and earn a steady income.

Do you see improvements so far in yourself after joining HPT?
Yes, of course, majorly in terms of coordinating and singing with a band. There is a lot coordination work to be done. Working in a team, we have to understand and compromise with one another.

If you have a choice to team up with an instructor for a performance, who will it be? And why?
Alex, I like his passion for singing and I know he truly enjoys himself when he sings.
Wait, I would love to sing a duet with Xin Yun too. She is just so amazing. Being a student in Hark for so long, that evening at Marina Square was the first time I heard her sing a full song. I was touched.

What do you look forward to achieve with your team-mates within this year?
Increase our repertoire and take our music to a new level in terms of trying new styles.

What do you think is the most important aspect a performer should have?
The attitude to learn. Singing, like many other subjects, can’t be mastered. Therefore, you need to constantly experiment, learn, listen and observe others’ performances. Listen to people’s comments and feedbacks and try to experiment on things you have not tried to upgrade yourself. You will definitely see results.

Being humble and grateful are also important. Don’t get too full of yourself from every compliment. Just treat them as bonuses to keep you going. Every comments and disappointments is the reason for you to move forward.

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