Couldn’t hold a tune… when he went to karaoke, months back!

Months ago, Ray was not able sing a song on key! 

Now, not only has his pitching has improved significantly, he has also able to sing notes he never knew was achievable! 

We did a short interview with him… 

1) What has been your prominent musical breakthrough so far? 
Well, the fact that my family and friends can bear to hear me sing now, is considered as one of the significant breakthrough in these few months. Also, my recordings on my phone have really shown a huge improvement.
The pitching issues are definitely a lot better and the range of notes that I never thought I could hit, are all coming out!

2) Why did you choose to learn at Hark Music?

I went to a couple of places to get a feel of the place but I decided on Hark Music as I liked the friendly environment and pleasant staff.

3) What do you enjoy most being part of the Hark Music family?
The coaches and staff. They are friendly yet professional. Things are sorted out quickly and efficiently. Also, they are not nitty about things.

4) Who in Hark Music has inspired you the most?
Without a shadow of a doubt, my vocal coach Leonard Tang.


5) How have you benefited since learning at Hark Music?


I have learnt that hard work pays off. I really worked on what was taught to me in the lessons. The sincerity of my coach, Leonard really motivated me to work on the “homework”. I would urge all to make full use of your time.
I practiced during driving jams. Now, instead of getting angry at jams, I just practiced my singing in my car. And for sure, it has proved to be a better way of handling such situations!

6) What would you like to share with those who have not started learning music?
If you have a passion for it but always thought you have no talent for it. I would say – don’t think so lowly of yourself. It’s all about stepping out and seeing the sunshine.
I was always a numbers person but thankfully, I have the opportunity to explore the artistic side of me. Music balances you as a person.

7) Who is your favourite artiste and why?
Hard to pinpoint a certain one but I would say Eason Chan, Mayday and Jay Chou. Eason for his casual approach yet emotional feel, Mayday for the energy and happiness and Jay Chou for the musical arrangement and total package.

8) Has any of your friends realized your musical breakthroughs and complimented you? How did you feel?
They did. My usual gang of the 2 Alans and Kelvin all can bear to hear me sing now and they complimented me on my improvement! I felt top of the world, of course!
Now, I am rather critical of my singing but this shows that I’ve got tons more to improve upon and that’s a process that I am really looking forward to!


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