Always having voice problems at auditions, singing performances…


Are you always having problems at auditions/singing or just singing in front of an audience?
Do you find that some days your voice seems dry?
Here are a few tips on what to avoid before and during your singing lesson or session….


  1. Orange/Citrus Juice or Caffeinated Drinks (Coffee/Tea/Coke) or Alcohol
    affect your throats lubrication. Above contains diuretics (substances that dehydrate your body and your vocal cords).
  2. Milk & other dairy products
    furs up the throat, avoid drinking milk, cream prior to singing. These products cause the mucous membrane lining of the vocal cords to create a great deal of mucous that covers your vocal cords.
  3. Eating heavy meals prior to a singing session
    the food doesn’t have time to digest and sits heavily in your stomach. This makes it harder to control breathing, vocal reach and projection.
  4. Smoke-filled environment
    ‘Burning’ your cords will cause your voice to deepen and make higher notes hard to hit.
  5. Excessive loud talking and yelling
    can lead to vocal strain.
  6. Coughing and clearing your throat
    instead sip water and swallow slowly, cough gently/silently. Coughing and clearing of throat will cause the vocal folds to slam together quickly and forcefully before sounds begins, causing an increase in muscular tension in laryngeal area. It is considered as a form of vocal abuse.
  7. Sing out of your range
    save the top notes for when you can sing them correctly or only when with proper guidance. Don’t over-reach or you could end up damaging your voice! 

Take note of the above and constantly hydrate yourself with water.
Don’t drink when you are feeling thirsty – That means you are dehydrated!

When your body is hydrated, your throat lubrication will be at its right ‘consistency’, not too dry, not too ‘phlegm-y’ 🙂

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