A great way to start 2008! A full-house concert this FRIDAY!


Things have been great with the start of 2008!


Let me share some updates with you especially this coming friday’s concert – 《我们的代表歌曲》


Oh yes, It’s good to hear that tickets are all snapped up, and we will be expecting a full house this Friday! What a fantastic way to welcome 2008 with our very first concert!

Oh, did I have mentioned that this concert is also the first for these 15 performers from our Hark Performing Team since our Nov/Dec selection?
YES….They are going to handle the entire show by themselves, from arranging the programme sequence, right up to hosting!


They have been practicing every week! We applause for their hard work, enthusiasm!

Well, we had our very first meeting for this concert preparation on 2nd week of December 07. That was where everyone had their first initial meet-up with their fellow group members!

With only 4 weeks to prepare for a performance repertoire of 6 songs per group, we gave all of them the option to perform in a mixture of unplugged and minus-one music (to lighten the load of the instrumentalists!), but eventually all of them chose to present their songs in unplugged!!! Good spirit!

Most of their weekly practices were conducted using Hark Studios, we have taken some peeks during their practices and I say they all sound very interesting!

Let’s see.

They are going to do medleys of songs, will be using keyboard effects to enhance their music arrangement, singing duets and harmonizing, and….(!) I saw one preparing to use a prop (cowboy hat) to bring out the essence of the song!!! (Haha..you guys should’ve guessed what the song is, right? It’s soo EASY….)

Alright, let’s stay tuned and enjoy a great show this Friday! 11 Jan 08, 8pm!

Some song highlights here…Lara/周杰伦 – 珊瑚海, S.H.E – 五月天, 苏打绿 – 小情歌, 万芳 – 新不了情 + 庾澄庆 – 流水年华, 周杰伦 – 彩虹, 伍思凯/优客李林 – 有梦有朋友, F.I.R – 天天夜夜, 孙燕姿+蔡健雅 – 原点, and more more more!
Enjoy some random photos taken from their rehearsal last Thursday!

And, they are going to have another full dress rehearsal this coming Thursday!..

Leonard Tang (Hark’s Artiste-in-Progress), together with our in-house instructors, Jane Wu, Shawn Tan, and David Chong will be performing 2 songs as GUEST APPEARANCES!
They will be bringing you 背叛and 好朋友. Woohoo!

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