What happened at Show 4 – 30 Mar 2008?

Hello guys!

Had quite a fun night last Sunday at our 实在歌手PK Challenge!
It was a full house at the 1st floor in Lunar…ohh..the show is getting hotter and we are getting a lot of screamers now…

Haha… it definitely excite the mood even more.

Those present would know that the show was….wah!… so d*** exciting!!!!!
I still couldn’t stop exclaiming about it since last sunday whenever I thought about it.



So, what happened??…


Eh.. I am still thinking how to write it down. Hmm…

Ok, ok.. I’ll start to write the story now.
Let’s see if I can write it as exciting as how my heart was pounding on that night…

Haha, here it goes…

At 4.10pm

We got a call. Yingzhi could not make it for the night’s performance as her mum was hospitalized.

OMG..not again. Now, we have only 7 performers. How to have 4 PK Challenges?


We have to find another performer fast. And the band has to learn the new song fast! You see, Yingzhi was supposed to perform A*mei – 只爱高跟鞋. This is a rather ‘cold’ song. (it’s not those very karaoke song. Thus, not many can sing and not to mention memorise the lyrics within hours…so definitely have to change song…)

All right.


Quickly. Call back ‘Headquarter’.

Ask for help.

We quickly asked around people in Hark.

We asked Mark Chong, our Guitar Instructor, who was teaching in Hark on Sundays. He is a pretty good singer, was a finalist in a few tertiary vocal competitions.

He gamely agreed, despite having a badly sun-burnt face, due to his reservist training for the past week.

Oh, thank you!!!!




Mark – liaising with Amos with the song selection.
Mark has to think real quick on his repertoire. And he has to memorise the lyrics fast!

Finally, settled on 手放开.

He has classes till 6pm plus.

No choice. He has got to cancel his 5pm class last minute, to rush down for the band rehearsal.

Oh. He was in his casual wear. A polo-tee, a jean, and track-shoes.
How to perform with this attire?

Oh my…… errhhh….


He didn’t know the location at all and never seen the event. To save time, Amos quickly came to pick Mark up.

Zoom off to Lunar!


At location, the band was still rehearsing with the other singers, doing the sound-check.

There were some problems with the stage monitor speakers. Guitarist can’t hear the sounds. Oh no, another hiccup.
Lunar’s sound technicians were busy fixing up the problems.

Meanwhile, Amos quickly got a blazer and got Mark to try it on. At least it looked better than just polo-tee and jeans. Ok, will probably do the hair later.



Every singer waited around doing their last set of rehearsals. The 2 other External Challenger was there too.

One by one rehearsed…


Mark’s turn to rehearse.
Band has not heard the song. Quickly, 4 gathered around and listened to the song through mp3 player.

Went through 手放开 sequence.

Had some little problem in the 2nd to last chorus part.
Repeated a few times. Er…or rather many times.

Mark’s voice getting hoarse already.


Rehearsal has to stop – Lunar opens its door at 7pm sharp.


Everyone was back for dinner.
In backstage, changing into their stage outfits, hair-do, make-up, styling.


Crowd came in.


Amos, our Show Master introduced the show.
We have got 3 External Challenger that night.

And we have got a 加分题 that night. They have to sing their chosen song in a pre-determined style (which was not known to them before) – to test on their impromptu skills.


PK Set 1
Jason (External Challenger) VS Cherry

末日之恋 VS 不想让你知道

Jason started the challenge first. He sure looked real confident on stage. He maintained eye contact with the audience. However, he lacked basic vocal foundation, which caused some of his pitches to run.

Cherry chose a very good song that night! Her sweet, clear vocal suited 周惠’s song very well. It was a clear improvement from her part too. It seemed like she has gotten used to the stage for the past week. Her stage presence & communication with the audience was confidently executed. That was good!

In both of their 加分题, their song needed to be present in ROCK.

Jason started the rock version rather safely. However, he managed to get into the mood in the middle of the song. The ending was much better delivered, adding some rocker’s growl.

Cherry did a pretty nice version too, but we all preferred her original version, which brought back the memories of the sweet 周惠’s voice.

Result: Cherry WON! 24-to-18


PK Set 2
Mark (External Challenger) VS Alex

手放开 VS 3-7-20-1

Mark’s performance was kind of too perfect which; they eluded no feel, no expression in the song. His ROCK version was a little tad too ….. er… nothing. He was not those ‘happening’ kind of guy. Amos got him to re-do it again, by jumping around with him on stage…but..still cannot lah. But really, I say good effort for a last minute preparation.

Alex WOWED everyone, with this pop-pish bluesy jazzy number by Gary Cao. I say, not many can carry this song well. He had fun on stage, interacted with the guitarist, with the bassist and teased the crowd. How good do you want it to go further??

To top it off, the 加分题 – need to handle this song in ballad style.



Sing this song in ballad?


He had some little trouble getting into the ballad style.

But cleverly, he talked it through ‘不管3-7-20-1’…
Haha… slowly, he got into the beat.

Wow..Great feel…

Entirely a different song!

Can’t recognize it!

Cool ending!

Everyone applaused!!!!!

[Yea, this was an interesting part. Let me edit the video and show it to you guys, soon.]

Result: Alex won! 27-20

**Till now, our Real Singers has 打败 both external challengers! One more to go! 😛

PK Set 3
Lauren (External Challenger) VS Tengteng

在每一秒里 VS 被爱的女人

Lauren – a rather shy guy on stage.
He mentioned that this is the first time he joined a singing competition. But don’t get it wrong that he was totally an amateur. He does have quite a number of performing experiences, as he was a performer in musicals.

He exuded some timidity & coyness on stage. Feeling so lost on the big stage, he started his performance, standing a little too far back of stage…I meant he wasn’t confident to step out more to the front of the stage.

Anyway, despite his shyness, we all agreed he had a good voice and good control. What he needed was more stage experience, 吧. He had a lot of potential!

Teng Teng wanted to perform ‘something different’ that night. Showcasing her powerful vocals week by week, she wanted to show something a little more 收敛, more controlled, conveying more emotions. She chose a popular ‘old’ song – 被爱的女人.

Her opening verse was indeed captivating. Very emo-singing. However, some high notes in chorus went a little flat.

Her 加分题 was to sing in ROCK!!! Oh yeah, she can be quite a rocker! She even got the audience clapping along…

Result: Teng teng won!!! 24-to-19

Oh yeah….all the 3 External Challenger was 打败了! No one’s in the 危险区 now…
Oh…but we are gonna eliminate one singer today…so…
Left with only Leonard and Kenneth to PK.

Ok, so it means either Leonard or Kenneth goes home today.


PK Set 4
Kenneth VS Leonard

我要快乐 VS 海啸

Kenneth did this song well! With his unique, easily identifiable raspy voice, he made the song his own! Never did you once, recalled how A*mei delivered this song. He did some improvised runs and it was cool.

He had his voice. But he still could not command the stage. Judges commented he closed his eyes all the time in singing the song. Body language can be improved too.

Leonard, another ‘ABC’ sounding singer, had his own unique voice too. His ‘English-slanged’ Chinese and his bright, clear voice made the song his very own too. Neither can you, remember how Harlem used to sing this song.

Judges commented that his 歌曲处理的线条不够美. He needs to try to make use more of his body language to 表达 his feelings, emotions…

Ok…nervous nervous…score time.

Kenneth, first 2 cards points were 8 and 6. Total points: 14

Leonard, first 2 cards points were 7 and 7. Total points: 14


Last card….

Kenneth’s last card……




Let’s see….

Leonard’s last card….



三边的…. (haha…. like gambling.. ;P)





Oh my god!
Now what?

Now, we need another PK.
Each has 30 seconds to sing an acapella song, to win the points again.

Kenneth sang 你把我灌醉

Leonard sang 背叛

Both pushed to the limits.

Ok, done.
Judges’ time.
Give points again.

Kenneth- first 2 cards was 7 and 7. Together=14 points.
Leonard- first 2 cards was 7 and 6. Together=13 points.

Last card!!!

Kenneth – 6! Total: 20 points!


Leonard’s last card…





It’s a DRAW again!!!

OMG… what to do?

We can’t have another PK challenge again..

No time.

Now, judges have to decide quickly who to eliminate.

After some serious deliberation between Philip and Xin Yun, a difficult conclusion has arrived.




Amos asked the golden question.

“Who will be eliminated?”

It was complete silence.




Xin Yun:

“这真的是一个很难的选择. 我们的决定是。。。。



*CHEERS!!!!!!!!! Everywhere!!! *

In midst of applauding and background music:



*CHEERS!!! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


The judges explained their reason:

“It was a tough decision.


In their acapella PK, we can see that they really 洴了! ”

That night’s show, judges said, it was heartening to see the Real Singers has shown true fighting spirit by eliminating all 3 external challengers. They have also shown much improvement in their performance skills too.

“We hope that take this as an encouragement and help to 激发them to work more on their performing skills further!

Coming week, there will definitely be an elimination, and they are going to perform a ROCK night show!

It’s gonna be a HIGH night, and a night full of screamers!!!

Do you want listen to them performing these songs LIVE?

第一天, 失恋无罪,北京一夜,饿狼传说。。。

So, those who wanna experience this atmosphere, come on down to LUNAR this sunday!

You don’t have much chance……
We’re counting to the final show next week!

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