Videos for《实在歌手PK Challenge》Show 3


Alex performing…He was the first performer of the night.

Kenneth was Alex’s challenger…He sang ‘Hello’

…when announcing their results…

..hmm…they doesn’t seem nervous at all….’chey…

Oh..this was Tat Sin’s reaction when he knew he has picked Teng Teng for PK!

Tat Sin, trying his best… to deliver his song.

Teng Teng…showing her POWER!!!

Amos, our host master, ‘peeking’ on the poker cards!
Nonono…we are not gambling on stage…the judges are using poker cards, to give their desired points to each singer. Oh man..this is exciting. More exciting than gambling. Haha..

Cherry…competing with Carissa (a last min external challenger, and only 19 yrs old!)

Carissa, delivering her song in a heartfelt manner…

Winner: CARISSA!!!!



Announcing their results… Yingzhi won!

These 4 on stage are Kenneth, Tat Sin, Cherry, Leonard. The ‘danger zones’ one…One of them was eliminated that night….. ‘TAT SIN”. 🙁

*** Read more about the show’s happenings in our previous post.***

Here are some VIDEOS….

Alex 陈凯良 – 趁早
Alex, as an invited external challenger attempted 趁早. Wowed everyone, and he won the challenge!Got 27 points upon 30points! 

Kenneth 施勤 – Hello
His raspy and husky voice setted a perfect scenario for this song…

Teng Teng 陈廷婷 – Because of You
Teng Teng sang an English number – Because of You. Judges commented that her way of singing is a little old-fashioned…Hmm..


Leonard 董成亮 – This Love
Leonard sang This Love. Judges commented he needs to improve his stage presence to connect with the audience. He is still looking tight on stage!

Carissa – 蓝天 《实在歌手PK Challenge》
Carissa came as an external challenger! She was a last-min replacement, as the original challenger couldn’t make it last min. With only 3 hours to prepare, and singing a song which she is not well-versed in (this is the song which the original challenger chose), she gave it all! Only 19 yrs old, she shown bravery in attempting a performance with minimal performing experience.

Most importantly, she won! Though she did not perfect the song, she won the judges over with her truthful, sincere delivery over her competitor, Cherry.

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