Valentine’s Special….14 Feb

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There’s a Valentine’s Special on this coming Saturday’s OpenStage- 14 Feb!

and something interesting… We’ll be having ‘The Most Romantic Love Message Contest’.

[????] What is it?

Well, maybe you are a creative writer …
maybe you like to write down your thoughts everynow and then…
maybe you have once penned a romantic message or poem for that someone special…
maybe you have some ‘wonder’ inspiration now for your loved ones
(of course, loved ones doesn’t only mean your bf/gf! what about your best friends, colleagues, brothers, sisters, mother, father, etc…)
maybe, you want to express something to someone in the future…
(not yet existed in your ‘now’ life)

Submit to us!
During the event, our hosts can read out your special message… well, of course, you can choose to do it yourself. That would be great! 🙂

Let it be the day to display your affection to someone close to you.

~Let Love Fill The Air~

***and, you may also stand a chance to win a pair of movie tickets!***

I think it’s gonna be fun…from the look of it!

Let’s make it a memorable day.
It doesn’t matter if you are attached or single now.
It’s just an occasion for all to come together!

A time to make new friends who share the same passion and hobby as you…
(isn’ that great?)

Let us make a date with you.
Remember, 14 February, 3pm at Hark.

See you. 😉

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