Valen Tan 陳霆婷 – Successes in Taiwan!

Our Vocal Coach, Valen Tan 陳霆婷 has been in Taiwan 
developing her singing career for years! 
In June 2014, we invited her to do a intimate acoustic showcase at Hark.
She did many of her signature songs in her own renditions like: If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys, 也许明天- 张惠妹, 会过去的 – 梁静茹, 飞机场的10:30 – 陶喆花香 – 江蕙(台语) and many more!

The most ‘gossipy’ part was her sharings about competing in reality singing competitions 

and 1st hand news of Asian music scene. She gave advices on ways on making your musical dreams come true, surviving as a singer in Taiwan. 

Plus,  the hidden truth behind the screen of reality TV contests. 
Well, we couldn’t spill the beans here. So, it was a pity you can’t be here then! 😉

Meanwhile, watch this for show highlights:

Also, check out her live acoustic rendition of Bad boy, 流浪記, 她說 and 飛機場的10:30 below!

To know more about Valen, click here:

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