It’s audition, audition and more audition!!!
August 2008 is going to be an eventful month. 🙂

Coming up on 2nd August, we are holding an audition for all our Hark Students (this also includes all past Hark Students), inviting them to be the 2nd batch of our Hark Performing Team!

Date: 2 August (SAT)
Time: 2pm
*Only open to Hark Students (We welcome past students too!)

Since the inception of the Hark Performing Team in 2007 (which features some of our more outstanding students), they have been given director’s workshops & performing sessions to improve their performing skills and to acquire more musical skills.
Now, we are looking outside and stepping out! YES!!!!

Alright, let’s talk about what we have been doing this past month…

This July, though quiet in this BLOG (Haha..!)…. We have been actively talking to corporate & organizations…and we were discussing to conduct performances & workshops to the mass public. If everything goes right, from Sept onwards, we will be having at least an outdoor event monthly, till early next year – 2009. Gonna be an exciting last quarter of 2008 for Hark! *wink!

Oh yes, another Audition! On 16th August 2008.
This audition is for our 实在歌手Artiste Development Course.

Right, we are looking for another new batch of Hark Artistes…

What we are proud of this course is that, it guides you to experience the life of a vocal recording/performing artiste by going through the actual process of stage performing & studio recording.

If you believe you have what it takes to be artiste, join this audition now!

Date: 16 August 2008
Time: 2pm

What do you need to prepare?
– A 30 seconds self-introduction
– Sing 2 songs (different genres) in acapella
*At least one song to be in Mandarin

If you would like to register for an audition slot, call us at 63330733 or email us at info@harkmusic.com

p.s: for the past months, we have been heavily preparing for a big project of Hark which will be ‘born’ in coming September! We are very eager about it… And of course, excited. Up till now, everything has been smooth-sailing and we cross our fingers, hoping all deadlines will be met duly. Again, I can’t reveal much yet now. Time will tell all soon.

Till my next update, take care friends!

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