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2nd Audition for Hark Performing Team

Last Friday, we had an Audition for Hark Performing Team. We have selected some instrumentalists (pianists & guitarists) to come back for a 2nd Audition this coming Friday…

They need to present 2 songs of different styles..to show their versatility. And, they will be ‘tested’ on their chords progressions and accompaniment styles on the spot.

Oh, if you are thinking that it would be really stressed for them…..erhhhmm… well, we need to know their capabilities before any ‘assignments’ can arrange.. right?

Haha…for those selected, do not over-stress yourself, ok?
Just practice what you’ve learnt so far, and present your best!

Live! Concert @ Hark

In about 3 weeks time, we will be staging our very first Live! Concert – featuring local bands, LGF & Black Forest. Exciting…..

Many media has nodded to feature this event line-up. 8-Days, I-weekly, IS Magazine, Lime, NTUC Lifestyle, First, Timeout…..So many! More to come, too!!

Omy.com has also agreed to feature the concert videos.
At the sametime, we are inviting reporters & journalists to attend the concert on 8 Dec too!

Great!!!! We will update more closer to date.

For those who wanna catch this ‘historical’ moment….. don’t forget this date!
Tickets will only be released for sale on that day, at 7.3opm sharp…..
Only 80 tickets available. (limited!!)

Be early!

About Facebook

Oh…Facebook is such a great site!!!! We loved it!!!!!

Through Facebook, we can communicate so directly with people…So much better that Friendster!! 😛 (recently, so many Filipino, Indonesians in Friendster, asking to be fans…don’t know why…)

And most importantly,…We have found many local talents & musicians in FaceBook….

Many has answered our question in regards to the concert’s theme…and many love UNPLUGGED! Acoustic! feel!!!!

So, we intend to do just that!

We are now planning for the concert line-up for Jan & Feb 08. Wooohoooo~~~
Stay tuned to our Jan & Feb 08’s themes.. It’s going to blow u away..

We are hoping to feature English & Chinese Pop!!!!!!

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