Thumbs Up by our Songwriting Apprentices!

It’s assuring to hear GREAT reviews from our students!


In 2010 – we introduced a ‘revamped, improved’ version of an exciting programme – Songwriter 2-Year Apprenticeship.

It deviates differently from the usual songwriting programmes you’ve seen out there, where weekly sessions just goes on and on.. (and probably not penning a song even in the 1st year!)

In this programme, you experience a Full-Day Boot Camp to tune up your musicality, provide you the concepts & strategies of song-writing. In short, provide you with the BIG PICTURE in 1 day.

After which, you’ll create a song using the proven formula and attend the 4 Masterclasses. The professional trainers (industry veterans) will support you to polish your song to make it commerically-viable!

Once the song is created, we will complete your songs by providing Enhanced Demo (for 2 songs), with demo singers and music arrangements for the finishing touch. This is to ensure, your song is presented in its best to deliver to recording companies for pitching!

As an apprentice in this programme, you have full access and support to the following for 2 Years.

1. Email Support:

Want feedbacks, advices? Email the professionals!
2. Recharge Sessions:
Periodically, we organise activities, showcases to recharge your musical energy & ride the momentum to write more great songs. Plus, it’s a great chance to learn from one another + latest updates about the music industry in Taiwan, China, Singapore.
3. LifeTime Connection to Recording Companies: Whenever you have freshly-written songs, send it to us! We will pitch your songs to networks in Taiwan and China even after the 2 years.

Cool, right?

All the above are inclusive of the entire programme – no ‘extra fees’.
This is truly an exclusive programme too, as we only accept apprentices once annually. Thus, very limited enrolments. (We place pride in quality than quantity.)

If you are interested to know our next intake (in 2012), you may contact us here:

Meanwhile, read more on our students’ experiences below!

“I started my journey of music learning with Hark some time back, first with the acoustics guitar course, followed by subsequent experiences with the song-writing apprentice course, basic vocals course, and the pop piano course i’m on currently. Of the varied courses offered, the 8-lesson song-writing course is comparatively the most refreshing, in the sense that it is a crash course which provided a keener sense of challenge and motivation as well, while the other courses are more extended. The course offered basic content of song-writing in a condensed manner, just apt for time-tight learners like working adults. Furthermore, taking up the course facilitated the knowing of more like-minded friends, who form an integral part of the mutual support and assistance needed to continue on song-writing attempts. This is probably one of the best take-aways from the course.” – Tan Keng Hwee

“It is all about passion in music! Sharing and learning together during class has been enjoyable and fruitful. I got to learn about lyrics writing skills and melody composition through guidance from the instructors and interactions with my classmates. The most valuable thing that I have gained from the course, besides knowledge on song writing, is my wonderful group of songwriting buddies! We still meet up regularly for outing and we even had mini song writing sessions by ourselves. Hark Music still gives us the chance to showcase our songs after we had finished our lessons, and I am really thankful about that because that ensures that we don’t stop our ‘productions’!!! I will never forget the fun and laughter I had experienced during the course. Thanks Hark! 😀” – Apple Koh


“First started my music journey through Songwriting Apprentice course at Hark Music. Songwriting has always been my interest and I get to learn a lot from professional songwriters through the course. Really enjoyed myself here and also made friends who share the same passion in composing. From composing without much music background and able to write a song together with fellow songwriter is really exciting and enjoying. Being a student here and getting to explore the fun in composing is a joy.”
– Evelyn


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