The Workshop which inspired many!

It is almost the end of the current cycle of the Skills Improvement Programme (SIP) for our Hark Student Performers!

Time flies, don’t you agree?

HPT Batch 3 Students who entered this initiative in June 2009 are going for their first grading in end of this month! Woww wow wow…..

Since the past months, we have seen many commitments from the HPT members. Coming to Hark weekly for their practices, coming to the OpenStage programmes for performances trainings… and truthfully, we do see much improvements and great potential in them!

In August, we have conducted a FREE Workshop for all the student performers as part of the 3-month programme. During that workshop, our Music Director, Amos Teo shared and taught on:

1. On-Stage Communication: Leaving a good impression with what you say
2. Song Presentation: Setting the style and mood of the song
3. Music Arrangement: Coordination between the guitarist and the keyboardist

Here are some captures of that day:

Music Director, Amos Teo giving the workshop.

Students, actively participating through the session! Thoroughly enjoying themselves!

“Clapping, clapping!” Great Job Done!

We got some feedbacks from the students…and here’s what they’ve gained from attending the 3-hr session.

“I have realized the importance of dynamics and rhythmic patterns while presenting a song; and the performance by the instructors is very refreshing!”
– Seow Wei Hong, Guitarist of Team 2A

““I have learnt a lot on playing style improvisation and stage communication with teammates today!” -Hue An Li, Pianist of team 2D


“I am able to identify the areas that my teammates and me have always overlooked while presenting a song.”
-Tan Weimin, Pianist of team 3B

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