The Results!!!

Finally, the results are out for the HPT Audition (3rd Batch)!

Not in order of merit.

Melvin Wang
Lea Shu Hui
Hue An Li
Luo Zhi Bang
Jean Lim
Tan Weimin
Calvin Chong
Sherrie Lim

Quek Bufeng
Adrian Lee
Shawn Yeo
Travis Shumlim
Jelina Cheng

Ang Ping Ping
Daen Ng Ho Kwang
Cai Kiang Liang
Chua Sherlyn
Chan Shen Jau
Edward Chang
Phua Wee Kiat
Ian Lee

Congratulations to the above students who make it through to be part of our HPT!

From now, you shall gear up yourself for the exciting challenges ahead and bring your performing standard to a higher level.

For those who are not selected this round, it’s not because you’re not good but just that you are not “ready” at this point of your learning.

Don’t feel bad & don’t give up! Get yourself prepared for the Batch 4 Audition at the end of the year!

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