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About the show

Lunar and Hark Music brings you Singapore’s first-ever Live Singing PK Challenge starting 9 March to 27 April 2008 on every Sunday night at Lunar Asian Fusion Bar.

Tapping on the recent buzz in the “PK” element found in singing competitions, we are confident that the event will attract singing enthusiasts across the island.
(PK = Player Kill, also often used in to describe mean competition between 2 contestants, where only one shall emerge as winner.)

Unlike the existing PK contests shown on TV programmes, this event, conducted in a ‘Live’ venue, promises to create maximum realism and excitement to all the contestants and audience.

In 8 weeks, the specially selected 8 ‘Real Singers’ will be kick-starting to PK among themselves, followed by inclusion of “external challenger” during the subsequent weeks. These external challenges stand to win $200 cash if they succeed in defeating their opponents.

Here are the 8 REAL Singers, captured LIVE on their 1st show last Sunday.







Be a PK challenger and stand to walk away with $200 cash instantly!
For the passionate and talented singers who have missed the Real Singers audition, we will be providing another chance for you to be an “External Challenger”!
We will be having another Audition Date after 15 March(SAT), email us at
with your Name, NRIC No. / Passport No. and Contact no. for registration.
Visit the Official Site now! ->

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